Madrid returns the money from City tickets to the fans

first_imgThe Real Madrid He has had a good detail with his fans, given that the 2,000 supporters who had acquired their ticket through the club to go last Tuesday to the Champions League match that was going to play the Manchester City and the Zidane team will receive their full amount.The club understands that the coronavirus crisis has caused a situation in which many fans have lost money having paid for their trips to Manchester. At least, Madrid has mitigated part of those losses by reimbursing their followers for the cost of tickets. In any case the most numerous clubs that had contracted a whole package (plane and hotel apart from the tickets) are the most affected. Some travel agencies have ignored the crisis unleashed and in principle would lose what was paid for on airline tickets.Litigation is now channeled to recover at least what was invested in the contracted hotel vouchers. A task no matter how you look at it. “And above without even knowing if the game is going to be played or on what date”, concludes a supporter from pain for everything that is happening.last_img

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