Valencia saw the coronavirus coming

first_imgThe face-out armor was followed days later with an inmate at the Paterna facility. The board decided to isolate the team from the rest of the Valencian academy pioneers in Europe and despite the fact that it was a shield that became hermetic on certain occasions, not even the club’s official media was able to speak to anyone from the first team in the pre-match, it has turned out to be effective.Those of Celades They have played matches in two of the outbreaks most affected by the coronavirus, such as Milan and Vitoria and the template has not fallen into mass contagions. And a clear example is that the measures to avoid falling into the disease reached the point that Members of the club cleaned each and every one of the door handles through which the players passed.Contact of other clubsThe protocols of the Valencians have turned out to be so effective that in the face of growing concern, other clubs that were going to be in similar situations contacted those of Mestalla to imitate them.With the recent state of alert proclaimed by the President, all players will remain at home, however the technical staff has already provided them with a specific training plan that each one can carry out in their residences so as far as possible not to lose shape. The coronavirus It has spread throughout Europe at a speed hardly imaginable. The pandemic, which just a month ago was looming far away, has wreaked havoc on the old continent and more specifically in Spain where the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has already ordered the confinement of all citizens. Nevertheless, Valencia Club de Fútbol was already considering this possibility when the virus had barely reached Europe.Because those of Mestalla were pioneers in the prevention of this disease. Over three weeks ago Official sources of the entity recognized AS that they were preparing the club structure “for something very serious” and that from Spain “was not yet aware” of the rapidity with which the disease spread. Not surprisingly, the property has kept in mind what real problems the coronavirus had because in Singapore it was one of the first places where the infection crossed the border with China and wreaked havoc.And that’s why, so the club’s top leadership has already taken measures even for the game that the team played in Milan taking the temperature to the players at almost all times since that February 19. And in fact, he also came to consider not letting Italian fans in on the return if the authorities did not take action.last_img

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