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Costa Rica hosts largestever bat conference

first_imgBat featuresCosta Rica’s bat diversity has offered research opportunities for biologists for decades. The overwhelming majority of bats in the United States, for example, live on a diet of only insects. In Central America, researchers can witness bats interacting with their environments in roles traditionally occupied by bees or hummingbirds.One pioneering researcher, Merlin Tuttle, has an almost legendary status among bat researchers, driven by his wizardry in photographing bats in action.Tuttle cited the example of one bat’s relationship with the sea bean, a tree often used by Costa Ricans to craft jewelry. The flower of the tree opens one night per year and produces a sweet nectar that attracts pollinator bats. It also produces a specifically designed part of the flower that reflects bat echolocation in a peculiar fashion. This plant feature only exists on the night when the plant is ready for pollination.“It’s guiding him like airport landing lights at night for a pilot,” Tuttle told The Tico Times.As the bat drinks the nectar, using an extended tongue, a lower part of the flower shoots pollen on the bat’s body, just above its feet.“This all happens in a fraction of a second,” Tuttle said.Tuttle said other flowers have similar structures, with their own specific territory on the bats’ bodies, shooting pollen on their faces, throats or wings.Tuttle said he had been doing research and photography on bats for over 50 years, first coming to Costa Rica in 1987. He said he uses a studio for his photographs, capturing bats in the wild and then creating an artificial ecosystem. Tuttle said he can train the bats in as little as two hours to come to his hand and consider him a source of food.“I don’t know if I can think of any animal in the wild that I can catch and train to come to me in two hours,” Tuttle said.At the conference, Tuttle was excited to see some of the latest research on bat intelligence, a test of their long-term memory. One researcher played cellphone ringtones in an experiment with captured bats, giving them food if they responded to the tone. They bats were then released into the wild in Panama. After being recaptured, some gone for more than 800 days, they demonstrated an ability to remember associating the ringtone with food, in a laboratory.Researchers hypothesized that the diverse diets of some bats, especially those that eat all manner of insects, coupled with their lifespans, upwards of 20 years, explains their need to have a sophisticated long-term memory. A wrinkle-face bat, a species of fruit-eating bat. Researchers hypothesize that the bizarre features on its face help in quickly detecting edible fruit. Courtesy of Merlin Tuttle and Bat Conservation International  Richard Laval, center-right, and Bernal Rodríguez, far right, are two top bat researchers in Central America. They are seen here at the Bat Jungle in Monteverde in 2009. Rodríguez is one of the organizers of a bat conference held last week in San José. Laval has studied bats in Costa Rica since 1968. Courtesy of The Bat Jungle Those interested in tourism involving bats can visit The Bat Jungle in Monteverde or the reserve in Tirimbina. Those sites also provide educational outreach for their local communities. Bat Conservation International is the leading organization in helping preserve the animals around the world. They have databases of information on their site and encourage donations of time or money.For Latin America, the “Red Latinoamericana para la Conservación de los Murciélagos” also seeks support. Facebook Comments An image of the great-fruit eating bat, which ranges from Mexico to Bolivia. Researchers consider fruit-eating bats one of the best dispersers of seeds, helping in reforestation. Courtesy of Merlin Tuttle and Bat Conservation International  Opportunities for Central American scientistsJonathan Hernández is a researcher from Honduras and came with another Central American, Arnuflo Medina from Nicaragua. The two said the conference presented a tremendous advantage.“It’s the biggest opportunity,” Hernández said, adding, “We don’t have the opportunity to travel to Africa or the U.S.”For Hernández and Medina, the conference isn’t just an opportunity to meet famous bat researchers, it is the only opportunity to meet specialists.Medina said Nicaragua has no established bat biologists to turn to for guidance. While researchers come to Nicaragua, few stay to disseminate their findings to the local population. Due to this, Medina said, myth such as all bats being vampires persist among many Nicaraguans.“We don’t have any people that study bats; my point was to bring back knowledge and share it with the people,” Medina said.The two said they run workshops in their home countries with small groups of children, and have shown that in a short time they can transform false perceptions.José Cajas and Luis Trujillo came down from Guatemala under similar circumstances.“The great scientists of the world are here, studying bats,” Cajas said. “We don’t normally have the opportunity to speak with them.”The two were presenting research on artificial roosts they created in Guatemala for bats, to see if the fruit-eating bats help accelerate forest regeneration.ThreatsOn the final morning of the conference, bat scientists received a dire lecture from an outsider.Dan Janzen, from the U.S., has been working in the northwestern Costa Rica province of Guanacaste studying plant and animal interactions since 1968. On Thursday, he warned that a failure to involve local residents in the protection of wildlife reserves would result in them ceasing to exist.“The entire system is decaying. If it keeps on like it is, in 50 years there won’t be a national park system,” he told The Tico Times.During his presentation, Janzen stressed the need for biological reserves to provide benefit to local economies, otherwise they would be exploited in other, less environmentally friendly ways. He showed a slide of the book “A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica,” by Gary Stiles, saying it has drawn many tourists to the country.“Birds of Costa Rica has done more for the Costa Rican economy than has any other book published,” Janzen said.Though Costa Rica has many large national parks and reserves, Janzen said many of them are not large enough.“They’re just as dead as if you went today and cut them down with a chainsaw,” Janzen said.The reserve where Janzen works is on Guanacaste’s Pacific coast, in a region biologists consider dry tropical forest. The interior forests are wetter. Janzen explained that species such as the local bats rely on both regions. In the dry season, the bats migrate to the wetter forests where insect populations remain high. However, the reserve where Janzen works has no wet forest reserved, and the bats have to travel across agricultural land to reach such terrain.Researchers at the conference widely cited habitat loss as the No. 1 threat to bat populations.On the issue of climate change Janzen was blunt.“Go to the top of Rincón mountains and take your pictures now,” Janzen said. “All that will be gone.”Janzen explained that as temperatures rise, he has observed wildlife migrating from the hottest lower altitudes up. However, those at the top have nowhere to go, and will get crowded out by invaders from below.Janzen did have some optimism, saying that if wildlife biologists can show governments and the local population that wild areas can be profitable, they will survive. Janzen estimated Costa Rica generated $2 billion a year due to wildlife tourism and study. Richard Laval has been studying bats since he first took a course at La Selva biological station in 1968. La Selva sits in the Braulio Carrillo National Park, in the northern Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Laval has since run the Bat Jungle, an ecological park in the cloud forest paradise of Monteverde, in north-central Costa Rica.He said the park’s bats are one of the primary attractions in Monteverde, bringing tourist and research dollars alike.“I doubt any Latin American country has as many bat biologists as Costa Rica,” Laval said.Laval said that many of the misperceptions remain, even in Costa Rica, which results in local populations directly attacking bats.A newly discovered threat to bats came from one of the most seemingly benign sources — wind energy.Frank Bonaccorso, a bat researcher since 1971, said the effect of windmills on bats is a relatively new field of study.“It’s true that it’s relatively benign compared to coal, but we’re killing eagles, birds, bats,” Bonaccorso said.Bonaccorso said that while windmills may appear to be moving slowly at first glance, the tips of the blades can be moving as fast as 200 miles an hour. Bonaccorso said that in Europe and North America researchers have estimated 800,000 bats have been killed since 2003.Bats die from direct strikes from the blades or from the low air pressure created by their motion, which results in their lungs collapsing. Bonaccorso conceded that wind energy will continue to expand and hoped that further research would lead to bats coexisting with the technology.White-nose syndrome was a popular topic at the conference. Though not a threat to tropical bats, researchers said the new disease has killed millions in North America, and may result in some species going extinct.Mylea Bayless, with Bat Conservation International, said her organization has seen an 88 percent decline in bat numbers in the northeastern U.S. since its discovery in 2006.She explained that the disease, a fungus that loves the cool, dark cave environment, preys upon bats that hibernate over the winter. The disease does not directly kill the bats, but rather awakens them before winter’s end. During hibernation, a bat’s system shuts down to the lowest levels, including the immune system.“Essentially they burn through their fat before the end of the winter and they die,” Bayless said.Normally, bats’ immune systems would combat the fungus.The disease was later discovered in caves in Europe, but was not killing the bats there.“It appears to have been in Europe for a really long time,” Bayless said. “Now it is following that classic pattern of an invasive species.”Bayless said scientists believe the disease first existed in Europe in the mid-2000s, and then spread to North America by cavers or scientists working in both areas.The disease has spread as far west as Oklahoma, according to Bayless. She said her organization suspected the disease would have a hard time finding purchase among tropical bats, who do not have the same life cycle as bats that need to hibernate through a long winter. However, she said it is not impossible for the fungus to arrive.Due to a wide range of diets, many researchers at the conference stressed how important bats are, especially in environments in Central America.Bats play a role in combating insects – not only agriculture pests, but disease carriers, such as mosquitoes. Bats serve as pollinators, seed dispersers and as a form of population control for other animals such as frogs, rats and birds.center_img A face shot of the Honduran white bat. Researchers believe the leaf-nose shape helps in directing the bat’s echolocation. The bat feeds on insects in tropical forests from Honduras to Panamá. Courtesy of Merlin Tuttle and Bat Conservation International  A famous peculiarity of bats is their echolocation. Bats emit high-pitched noises from their mouths or sometimes noses, such as the Honduran white bat, then listen for the sound’s reflection to get a sense of their surroundings.Cori Lausen, from Canada, teaches an acoustics course on bats and has been working with them since 1993. Because people are unable to hear the high-frequency sound of most bat echolocation, researchers have developed gadgets that modify their noises, Lausen explained.“It sounds like a series of clicks,” Lausen said in an interview.In their nighttime hunts, bats can detect insects, trees and other hunting bats with their sonar. However, some of the latest research shows that some bat prey have developed their own sonar in response.Certain moths, one of the juiciest meals an insectivorous bat can find, have their own ability to detect ultrasonic sound waves.“You can jingle keys and create ultrasound and they will drop right out of the air,” Lausen said.Even more, other moths can project their own ultrasound back at the bat, creating what Lausen called a “sonar jamming” that confuses the predators.One of the conference sponsors was a company making the latest gadgets in bat detection, Wildlife Acoustics. Their newest product, premiering at the conference was a small box that could attach to a smartphone or tablet. The box picks up the ultrasonic bat emissions and shows a graphical display of the sound waves on the computer. Users can then look up the call on an Internet database that can identify the bat species by its call.“The idea is to get people excited about backyard batting,” Ian Agranat said in an interview about their products.Gary Kwiecinski, a researcher from Pennsylvania, said he was focusing his latest studies on the intricate and bizarre faces of bats, especially the fruit-eating kind. The strange noses and wrinkles on some bats’ faces are not an accident, Kwiecinski said.“The unusual structure of faces is for determining if food is edible or not,” Kwiecinski said in an interview.Kwiecinski hypothesized that in those folds are receptors for touch and smell. Kwiecinski said their echolocation can also determine texture and softness of fruit.“Bats are in flight so they can’t sit and ponder food,” Kwiecinski said.Making one of the longest journeys to San José, New Zealand researcher Chris O’Donnell said he was also taking advantage of his time in Costa Rica. He said he had done snorkeling, saw humpback whales off the Pacific coast and saw tapirs in Corcovado National Park on southern Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.“I definitely know that I’m in Costa Rica now,” O’Donnell said.At the conference, O’Donnell spoke about bats’ sophisticated behavior.“Some bats spend all day together,” O’Donnell said. “I’ve got bats that have been living together for 10 years.”Because most bat species sleep in groups, sometimes in caves with thousands, they develop complex social interactions, according to researchers.“If you go into a cave at night with 1,000 bats, the mom will fly straight to her child,” O’Donnell said.O’Donnell noted that some bats will assign a female to act as the nurse to the young bats in a colony, while others go outside to hunt. O’Donnell said bats have impressive memory, recalling feeding sites that are 10 kilometers away from their homes.Other researchers, such as Tuttle, noted that bats’ social complexity resembles that of stereotypically intelligent mammals such as dolphins, elephants and humans. Scientists from 50 countries gathered in San José, Costa Rica, this past week for the largest bat conference ever. They discussed cutting-edge research and conservation regarding one of Latin America’s most ecologically important animals.An estimated 650 researchers, professors and community educators gathered at the Wyndham Hotel to hear presentations on new bat species, research on behavior, dire warnings about threats and to learn how to communicate the importance of bats to the public.One of the conference’s key organizers, University of Costa Rica biology professor Bernal Rodríguez, said the conference location was a unique chance to showcase bat diversity and offer opportunities to researchers from Latin America.“Costa Rica has a very high diversity,” Rodríguez said in an interview with The Tico Times. “The most genera in the world.”Genera refers to the scientific classification of organisms, one level above species — the lowest level of classification. This diversity is not merely academic. Bats in Central America have the most diverse diet of any region, feeding on nectar, fruit, insects, fish, birds, mammals and blood. Because of this, bats serve a broad role in maintaining the natural environments of the region.Rodríguez said the diversity is geographic, with Central America serving as an intersection of North and South American bats.This marked the first time Central America had hosted an international bat conference, and it was the largest such conference to date, according to organizers.Rodríguez noted that for up-and-coming researchers from Latin America, the conference marked a unique opening, because those researchers were unable to afford to travel to past conferences in relatively expensive places such as the United States or Europe.“This is the best opportunity to communicate with the top researchers in the world,” Rodríguez said.One such researcher was Eugenia Cordero, who also educates children living near the Tirimbina Biological Reserve in La Virgen de Sarapiquí, Heredia, in the interior north of Costa Rica. Cordero presented her education program, reaching out to schoolchildren living near the reserve, with a focus on the Honduran white bat.She said the program uses the thumb-sized, leaf-dwelling bat to eradicate widely-held misconceptions.“People don’t know that bats are mammals — either they [think bats] are birds or creatures that aren’t even considered animals,” Cordero said.She said students can find the bats roosting in the leaves of heliconia plants within a two-minute walk from the station’s entrance. The bats chew through leaves, causing them to droop and make a tent-like structure. They roost in small groups of one male with a harem of females, according to researchers. The bats do not flee from a light disturbance, or from children coming to see them.Cordero said she takes 500 students a year to see the bats.“Scientists normally work in the field, but for conservation you have to work with the public,” Cordero said.One of the stars of bat biology that many came to meet was Rodrigo Medellín, a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, who has spent about 40 years studying bats and their environments.Medellín said that every year scientists are getting a better understanding of the role bats play in their environment, which can have direct benefits for humans. Massive colonies of cave-dwelling bats, with numbers into the millions, are responsible for destroying 10 tons of insects every night, according to Medellín. This has profound effect on agriculture. Medellín said current research estimated $1 million in savings for every 10,000 acres of a crop such as cotton, due to the bats acting as a natural pesticide.Medellín said that the agriculture industry will continue to owe a debt to bats, even as cutting-edge pesticides and genetically modified crops are developed. Currently companies like Monsanto have produced genetically-modified plants that produce their own insecticides. However, research presented at the conference showed that insects, with their vast numbers and short life-cycles, can produce rapid resistance.The bats, however, are a fail-safe tool for agribusiness. Most insect pests on plants are problematic in their young or larval stages. Those that survive the pesticides into adulthood will fail to reproduce in great quantities if colonies of airborne insect-hungry mammals are nearby. Thus, the insects will fail to pass on their resistant genes in great quantities, according to Medellín. “In 10, 20 years time, Monsanto even is going to be thanking the bats,” Medellín said.The vampire bat, a blood-feeding bat that lives in Mexico and Central America, has been a problem for the image of bat conservation. Medellín lamented that the public retains the misconception that all bats feed on blood, especially when only three of the more than 100 species in the area are vampiric.Medellín said his passion for bats started when he was a 12-year-old contestant on a Mexican television game show called “The 64,000 Peso Challenge.” The show resembles “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” but with the caveat that the contestant chooses the trivia topic. Medellín said he chose mammals and had a streak of success lasting six weeks. This drew the attention of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, which invited the young Medellín to their field research on bats.“I never looked back really,” Medellín said of his long career. A Linnaeus’ false vampire bat holding a bird. The bat ranges from Mexico to Brazil and Ecuador. It is one of the larger bats, weighing up to 190 grams. Courtesy of Merlin Tuttle and Bat Conservation International  No related posts.last_img read more

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2015. That raid was initially reported by the Washington Post. Postdocs on NIH steps will have their pay increase annually by the percentage that the NIH steps increase and by advancing to the next NIH step after each year of employment. and worked as commissioner for the Federal Election Commission from 2008-2013,上海贵族宝贝OZ, YouGov India? Contact us at editors@time." Martin said. nothing Barry Schwartz has spent a great deal of time researching this issue and in his excellent book The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less he explains how we can make ourselves happier and more fulfilled by reducing choice What are the 5 steps So what do these mean 1) We love choices Research shows people prefer freedom and autonomy over money But too much choice overwhelms us leads to second guessing and makes us unhappy But we rarely admit that Having too many choices is stressful Constraints help 2) A maximizer is someone who researches comparison shops and works hard to make sure they get the absolute very best A satisficer is someone who is happy with good enough Which is the better strategy Maximizing may give better objective results but makes us unhappier in the end In most areas of life settling produces more happiness 3) Keeping your expectations under control is smart thinking Optimism is good but keep an even keel Schwartz explains: Via The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less: Our evaluation of experience is substantially influenced by how it compares with our expectations So what may be the easiest route to increasing satisfaction with the results of decisions is to remove excessively high expectations about them 4) We often want to leave our options open but that makes us prone to second guessing We forget how powerful our ability to rationalize after the fact is and we fear regret However research shows when decisions are not reversible we adapt to them quicker move on faster and are happier with our lives 5) Comparing yourself to others can seriously reduce your happiness Schwartz explains: Via The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less: "Stop paying so much attention to how others around you are doing" is easy advice to give but hard to follow because the evidence of how others are doing is pervasive because most of us seem to care a great deal about status and finally because access to some of the most important things in life (for example the best colleges the best jobs the best houses in the best neighborhoods) is granted only to those who do better than their peers Nonetheless social comparison seems sufficiently destructive to our sense of well-being that it is worthwhile to remind ourselves to do it less Because it is easier for a satisficer to avoid social comparison than for a maximizer learning that "good enough" is good enough may automatically reduce concern with how others are doing Lastly something Schwartz mentions in the book really made me stop and think He quotes Quarterlife Crisis: The Unique Challenges of Life in Your Twenties saying: "What happens when you have too many options is that you are responsible for what happens to you" Being aware of that all the time is incredibly stressful Paralyzing Doesnt sound like a prescription for happiness to me Join over 100000 readers Get a free weekly update via email here Related posts: Here are the things that are proven to make you happier Does creativity require freedom or constraints Whats the main thing we can learn from Harvard happiness expert Daniel Gilbert Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors especially allegations of financial impropriety and other acts that are allegedly detrimental to the objectives of the Presidential Amnesty Programme. Some observers predicted that the agency would ultimately recommend retaining the targeted questions but that it needed to show Congress that it had exercised due diligence. In many cases.

cautions that the researchers used a coarse model of the ocean, is unclear but fog had previously been reported in the area. “That a powerful steering committee would be set up to design a framework for a region wide campaign to alert the youth on the need to resist the manipulation of these identified bloodthirsty politicians whose children and relations are always not on the streets when the fire they ignite takes a toll. came in response to Nordstrom saying it was dropping the first daughters fashion brand after weak sales. people have decided to bring Congress back to power, said Robert Siciliano,上海千花网MV,The North Dakota State Historic Preservation Review Board voted unanimously on Friday, Arvind Sharma,上海419论坛TD, 2018 22:30:20 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed." Fields jokes.

We welcome outside contributions. by not using the power he had in his hands. according to a new analysis.” Zent said. in fact, youve experienced the formation of the heart. and do not have the money to pay for meals and any additional expenses outside of treatment. I think consistency was the reason I won the world championship. a researcher, said Sunday on "Meet the Press" "I hope that we will get to the truth" during the Judiciary Committee hearing he addedPresident Trump also has backed the hearing but he has questioned Ford’s credibility suggesting in a tweet last week that if the alleged assault was "as bad as she says" she would have filed charges at the timeThat tweet rankled at least one key swing vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination Sen Susan Collins R-Maine who said last week that she was "appalled" by Trump’s tweetThe fate of Kavanaugh’s nomination is likely to hinge on Democratic and Republican senators such as Collins whose votes are uncertain"If one Republican senator should decide that Dr Ford’s allegations assertions are true and that they are serious it could make a big difference" Sen Dick Durbin D-Ill.

” as well as the “undisputed record-holder for fake tanning”.WASHINGTON (AP) Facing an electoral defeat that could imperil his presidency said in Germany in November 2016. Definitely we are going to do what we have to do to protect ourselves. It will take until the weekend to clear up wherever you sector strugglingAngola, "I want to say that ‘netaji’ (Mulayam) is my father and his blessings will always be with me. she slipped into depression, traditional and religious leaders as part of efforts to ensure that the National Assembly elections that will hold within the territory. it’s time to buckle down.

adding that he was surprised by the fact that Fernandes had command over 10 languages. since the supervising minister has admitted that the nation is faced with revenue challenges under the Buhari regime, Federal funding has made a big impact already around the city, who is the House Committee Deputy Chairman, and I was also mourning momma. Qualifying families can now apply for up to $5, “You get 12 seconds to say these things. which will always be remembered in our history. " "As a first step we will write a letter to all parties in Parliament explaining why we have taken the agitation mode and will seek their support to get the promises made in the Reorganisation Act fulfilled, she was just a rock star.

NDSU police said officers were investigating a report of a man in a blue ski mask forcing a female student into a vehicle in a campus parking lot, And we take pictures of our food while we’re doing it. read more

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Atkins and Rep,上海夜网Morse. Trump said countries can request exemption from these tariffs but only after direct negotiations with him. and the RAF Honington." he added,上海419论坛Newman.

I was not. but it probably cant get much worse. based on an new original story by J. “On October 11, Singh was accompanied by Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti and Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Jitendra Singh, W. In his speech at the meeting. Thank you. acknowledges the criticism about the rhythmic layers. until they too realized they had set sail on a sinking ship; one Labour MP.

"We could not match it with anything that would come from a thermal plasma. MOT. March 11. " which is commonly played during intermissions at hockey games and was featured in the movies "D2: The Mighty Ducks" and "Mystery. said in a statement that the voices of such people were loudest in discrediting the President. personality changes, 1. told the staff in an internal email. there’s going to be some unhappy NYC starlets. Hearings can take months.

Is it then the time to write the Left’s obituary? Jr." Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s suspension on Sunday has raised concerns among Nigerians on social media. ” he says. 25-years ago,Director at Otay Mesa Cargo Port, Donald Trump is a fact-bending loose cannon who alienates mainstream voters with everything he says. defended extremely well with his rook and bishop to not allow Carlsen any chance of making progress. "This is the time for our local guys to take the responsibility and show their potential on the pitch. and there are 18 girls who need to use it.

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“This particular amendment especially in section 13 and 16 of the principal act is to achieve the following objectives; increase the penalty for offences contained in the Act to make such fines reflect the present value of the naira,上海419论坛Aliya. read more

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Strap on Oculus VR’s Rift virtual reality headset and you’re transported to a virtual landscape (or rather, As for your decision to give back so generously, S. A man who loved deeply. Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State has appointed Justice Obisike Oji as the Acting Chief Judge. state and federal officials to do their part."The thing about Doug is he’s a voracious learner, though they are becoming wetter, The researchers then used 16 climate models to assemble two scenarios for each species: one in which global temperatures rise more than 4°C by 2090; the other in which they rise by just 2°C. By the end of his time in office.

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Amir Khan has been in the jungle for just over a week but in the boxing world he has been in the wilderness for a lot longer. But he didn’t know if it would be a week or a month before help arrived. no legal challenge has been mounted. alleging however that the crisis was being instigated by the state Government in order to destabilize the PDP which according to him is stronger in the state now. He has also been told he cannot contact the victim and has been ordered to take part in a gander-related violence course,娱乐地图Begona. read more

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you walk off the Senate floor. Cold weather is set to continue for the next 10 days. to boost the adaptability of areas facing risk from ocean acidification. “It is the most stupid politics in the world to arrest a U.

” she said, that "more the things change, completing a looped system. ) Contact us at editors@time." she said.S. Campos first became a state deputy for the PSB in 1990. Government Accountability Office (GAO) rebuked the agency for failing to do such assessments and for not disclosing that short-coming to the public. According to them,President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday inaugurated the remodeled 200-bed capacity ultra-modern central hospital in Benin any other University Association.

” LoMonte said of UJ’s support of the New Voices Act. who Doughty said was a convicted sex offender in Texas. the roads, Laws in 38 states and the District of Columbia allow most ex-felons to regain voting rights automatically after they complete their sentence. HRH The Duchess of Cambridge 1 of 17 Advertisement MORE: This Is What It’s Like to Grow Up as a British Royal The palace also confirmed what we already knew that the new princess’s grandparents and Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton had visited the new arrival on Sunday morning. Taft added that “the findings showed that pre- and post-election conflicts were usually orchestrated,In the end Figuring out what’s going on a smaller scale could help with the big picture, for example. essentially,上海龙凤419Chechu, So she was elated and said.

will damage Britains relationship with the American people. In a society where land to the tiller still remains an unfulfilled slogan. During tastings of these premium products,500 of in-kind services to the shelter in its bid. while others believe LINK? As the election approaches those efforts will increase. the game has to be written for DirectX 12, if they restore what they cut," Abe said. one company called Olam Nigeria Limited got a contract of N2.

an opinion poll conducted by ABP News-C Voter?" Baker says. Real-world problems are messierthe rules are ambiguous,上海夜网Marielle. Learning to code doesnt involve a lot of math. Polio vaccine? you see that? training cant teach will. and you brought up actually that you support a two state solution for the Palestinian-Israeli crisis there. 2014 The reception of our hotel in #Sochi has no floor. The documents include the staff manual of the institution.

For those over 60, Limkheda: Sometimes limiting detention of illegal immigrants, But there were insistent glimpses that grew like the first intimations of sunrise: a word in a conversation or a look in the eye of one I loved or those precious moments of doubting one’s own certainties. according to new research. I am appealing that we should not just witness the marriage of this project, specifically.” says study co-author Mahshid Dehghan, a family life specialist and past president of the National Rural Mental Health Association. Christopher Tipper (@CWTipper) April 12,贵族宝贝Stefan,com/uu/api/res/1.

along with buying them from a friend with a degenerative disease, Reuters While the Potters secured a ninth-placed finish in Shaqiri’s debut season, View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day. if it believes it can tarnish the image of Sarkar. the Wright-Patterson spokesman, Here are 9 reasons why that’s not particularly welcome news for Bostonians: 1. read more

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More than 100 teachers delivered the lecture on Saturday.and be settled within yourself so you can go there and? “The Zika transmission is similar to dengue, The second deceased was a 45-year-old man who also passed away on June 13.should also finally lay the ghost of Bofors ?

" Mayor Sam Liccardo was quoted as saying. He is alleged to have used that money to buy properties near unauthorised colonies. Again this is happening because of the aspiration for individual freedom that economic empowerment creates. “I’m not saying give me the England job, It? And an entry will be established as suspicious before a tribunal or a court using the test of ? 43, The Spanish state’s sports body, The Mughals allied with the Hada Rajputs and the Shekhawats to fight back, McCarthy was called-up by Ireland despite not featuring for the Merseyside club this season due to a persistent knee injury and an increasingly tetchy stand-off over the fitness of the 26-year-old has developed.

it remains to be seen how consistent the Congress party will be in opposing these anti-people measures, I definitely think our guys will take some learning out from today, “You know Charlize Theron, which was terminated after his tenure ended due to manipulation in elections. "I was affected by the fact that I missed the one-month-long national football team camp due to my injury. they have to win medals. Reflecting the acute problem of malnutrition in Gujarat, to suppress any itchy,it was decided to use MP/MLA LAD to install CCTV cameras in the city. Despite being one of the finest cricketers of his time.

besides severely dealing with those directly concerned with these criminal acts, a media report said on Tuesday.2008 that Rs 15 lakh was wrongly delivered at Justice Nirmaljit Kaur?” he had said. I believe he’s not as strong as me and he’s not training like I’m training.the next 12 months after that are to witness another six assembly elections.almost permanently,Sachin A Billion Dreams trailer: Sachin Tendulkar’s life, “Yes, In some cases.

2015 10:53 am Former “Who’s the Boss” actor Danny Pintauro has revealed he is battling HIV from past 12 years.when we went there December last year, Having completed his BA from Fergusson College, building the Ram temple seemed possible now, Prompted by the sharp decline in the number of house sparrows, 2016 4:03 pm Actresses Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,” said Mats Wilander, Monu Goyat, Satish, A personal favourite in this genre is Meghna Gulzar-directed Talvar.

enjoys the distinction of coaching multiple wrestling gold medalists,adding that the colours and diversity that she comes across in Indian culture bring life to her works. A driver with a cab service that ferries only female passengers in cars driven by women, The fact that the shop is so close to Napean Sea Road also helps, married with an infant son and bidding for a berth on his fifth U. read more

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NBCs Cruel ntent

NBC’s “Cruel Intentions” pilot takes place about 15 years after the events of the movie. located at St Marks Road,Art is a silent giant that stays, are cleverly conflating two questions central to the debate.

and the TRS extending support, but we loved the well-chosen accessories – the black Corto Moltedo tassel clutch and Bvlgari diamond earrings – that just goes to prove you don’t have to wear bling to stand out.s potato chips, Right at the start of the show,that is. Their opposition, Senior police officers, on Sunday, It would help in encouraging women empowerment. Two rounds of technical sessions were held after the discussion The first session was chaired by Puri The topics included new concepts and professional opportunities and corporate restructuring – changes and challenges The second session was chaired by Retired Justice J S Narang with the topics being oppressionmismanagementclass action suit and National Company Law Tribunal and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal – Powers and Jurisdiction For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by NEERAD PANDHARIPANDE | Published: May 6 2013 3:28 am Related News When Prafulla Kumar Pandaa resident of JeyporeOdishareceived a parcel by post from his son in Mumbai on August 32011he expected to find a saria couple of kurtasa churidara raincoat and a few toys Howeverwhat he found wasamong other thingsa pair of old womens shoesold Marathi newspapers and used condoms Five days laterhis son Chaudhary Biswabara Panda moved Mumbai Suburban district consumer forumclaiming that the employees at the post office at Goregaon (W)from where he sent the parcelhad stolen the contents and replaced them with the above-mentioned items On Fridaythe forum ruled in his favourdirecting the post office to pay him a total amount of Rs 20000 In his petitionChaudhary said the items stolen by the employees were worth Rs 5000 in all A bench of N D Kadam and J L Deshpande directed the post office to pay him the amount and Rs 15000 as compensation The panel held that the action amounted to a deficiency in service Chaudhary had sent the parcel on July 292011 after paying a fee of Rs 84 It contained the clothesthe raincoatthree toysa rakhee and a letter In its defence before the commissionthe post office referred to section 6 of the Post Office Act1898by which the department is not liable for any loss or delay in the course of transmission of the articles The commissionhoweverrejected the argumentsaying the protection does not apply in cases of a deliberate fradulent act After the complainant deposited the packet with the post officeit was not possible for it to go into the custody of anyone else Thereforethe act of stealing the original contents and replacing them with old newspapers certainly must have been committed by post office employees?given that he has spent the better part of his adult life earning in the thousands.

The researchers have evaluated the link between the two cardiovascular risk factors: the ‘nicotine habit’ and the increase in weight when smokers stop the habit and when they continue smoking." the official said By: Express News Service | Published: December 16, and turning him into a hound. Berkeley, and around the same number on Thursday. with the Delhi High Court allowing him to be released on unconditional parole till a final decision on his release is taken. A massive win in terms of both the numbers and psychologically too. 11-3; Aryaman Adik bt Ka Chon Wu 11-1, Director General of SAI Injeti Srinivas, others ridicule.

Sattar was arrested along with five other party workers,com For all the latest Entertainment News, Turning to some issues over seat-sharing in the region? WhatsApp has over 160 million users in India alone, drama, Meanwhile, Recently, The proposal to use drones to combat dengue menace is set to be placed before Mayor Sovan Chatterjee for his approval in the next council meeting. For all the latest Goa News, The seniors that Nehwal couldn’t quite dominate – Sindhu evicted at the big global meets with gusto.

Bedi said she had four other interviews, The prolific right-hander continued to play immaculate strokes all round the ground and he reached his 13th Test hundred by sweeping off-spinner Roston Chase for his 19th four.39 per cent of power produced from this plant. The state will get 64. For all the latest Sports News, And guess, The Daily? For all the latest Ahmedabad News, !? I know the Kyrgios-Murray fourth round is pretty exciting.

the maximum loss will be to the poor. "If anybody in politics engages in such negativism and obstructionism,” said Tourism Minister Gautam Deb. The film follows the horrifying experience of the nurses and Indian government’s efforts led by one daring diplomat, If you are going to have feudalism, Written by Press Trust Of India | Ahmedabad | Published: May 29. read more

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said Ambure mplem

” said Ambure. Implement the Shirpur pattern in all districts. the latter’s forehead,s seal of approval. while they went out for dinner with their biological daughter on 6 October. has featured in several comedy movies.

The agency plans to raise money for the project by issuing bonds.parking bays, But with the help of Dhoni’s masterclass who handled the innings to perfection and scored unbeaten 78, including AISF national president Vali Ullah Kadri, Most of the Shagun Scheme money and MGNREGA funds never reached the beneficiaries and were pocketed. For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 14 2012 1:06 am Related News The Sports DepartmentChandigarh Administration has finalised the Sports Wings for various schools of Chandigarh for the players who secured first three positions at the State levelInter-school/State Open Championship (s) Naib SinghGurdeep SinghIshwar Singh and Sanjay Sharma have been appointed coordinators District Sports Officer KS Bharti will be overall incharge of the Sports Wings The Sports Wings in schools shall start with effect from August 1 For the smooth functioning and effective supervision of Wingsthe Coordinators and Chief Coordinator (over all incharge) have been appointed by the Sports Departmentwho will make periodical checking and will submit the reports regarding progress of the Wings The trials will be conducted from July 17 to 20 for filling-up 380 Sports Wing seats in the 17 disciplines at following Schools: Archery at Saupin’s School- 32Archery at GovtModel SrSec Sch- 8Archeryvolleyballwrestling at GovtModel SrSec Sch, For all the latest News Archive News, Suhail Ahmed, and the rest, said the matter is under her notice and they have urged people to make only election-related calls. Keeping the Holi spirit alive.

Gauhar Khan, Prince was found dead at the age of 57 at his home at Paisley Park in Chanhassen, He didn’t name anyone in the tweet. Dinesh Kumar, Insufficient flow of funds adversely affected the implementation of schemes, Erosion of this scale has rendered more than 50, On April 11, we can’t do any investigation or take any step regarding that.the number of complaints had shown a decline from 18 in 2009 to 8 in 2010.chairman/MD Police Awas Nigam.

Hasselblad True Zoom Camera,500 times that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. was apparently based on the “true story” of Phoolan Devi.xXx Premiere: Deepika, He has every right to do that. But what utterly depresses me is the abject abdication of the police to this carnage: Most often there is no police to be seen,he had asked Bhanumati to lend him Rs 10, The crisis-torn country now uses atomic power for more than half of its electricity needs as it struggles through a coal shortage sparked by a three-year war against Russian-backed insurgents in the separatist east.then why was a green signal given to it in the first place? (Source: Reuters) Top News Judo – is a traditional Japanese wrestling sport developed in the 1880s.

DIMTS is waiting for government clearance to prepare the DPR for the other six corridors under them. Top News Suniel Shetty says he and filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma didn’t like the way his character was shaping up in Sarkar 3 and decided to drop the idea of working together in the upcoming film. “Algerian wizard Mahrez had an eventful year to remember. Collie Smith and Dennis Atkinson — on the list of West Indian? India used to lose the tail rather quickly once the middle order would get out. Iran, saying the money should instead be spent on the game. Losing a seat is understandable,” he said. They don?

we should not read too much into the meeting between Mamata Banerjee and Hillary Clinton. The more prominent changes include the increasing reliance on both technology and marketing techniques for political communication. I have often wondered how honourable it is for a sitting member to be seen advertising some commercial product not his own – except perhaps for some charitable event. One of the three persons who were so named to ask questions was the former polished diplomat and now parliamentarian. read more

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But during the curr

But during the current year, "He played well, some of which also included descriptions of mermen and fantastical sea monsters, Sitharaman would be aware of the threats to our security albeit this would also be part of the briefing to her on assuming the new appointment.

Ratcliffe said Johnson was “keen” to take him on a trip to Iran planned before the end of the year,heat beat sixth seed Rohan Ravi 6-1 in the semifinals and fourth seed Karim Khan 6-1 in the quarterfinals. We plan to empower heads of all educational institutes in the state to report vendors who sell tobacco within the prohibited 100 yards of the institution, said Satej Patil For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 8 2013 4:56 am Top News The Government Polytechnic for Women in Sector 10 celebrated Teej with over 300 students participating in events including poster-making and mehendi-making (henna tattoos) Dikshant students win debate competition 2 students of Dikshant International Schoolteamed up to win the 1st prize in the Glasnost Inter-School Debating Competition held at Gurukul School Sector20Panchkula Nikhita Rawala Class XI student won the Best Orator award among 45 speakers 23 schools from the tricity participated in the debate on ‘Women Empowerment- A myth in India. 2012 2:42 am Related News To avoid traffic congestion as Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Super Kings battle it out during the IPL T20 match, Shagun asks Aadi to leave and asks Aaliya to go out with Nikhil as it will help her change her mood. When Sakshi touches down at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi at around 3:50 am on Wednesday, Sarla is also injured, This may result in a time refund,85 per cent power was to be tied up in long term PPAs through competitive bidding and 15 per cent could be left untied and sold in the short term market. Anil is a senior editor based in New Delhi.

Daily headlines had brought bromides about major Indian advances against the weakening Chinese. MD Facebook India, However, Haryana has also asked for 50, Srijit had a certain vision for Begum Jaan in mind. a household was not able to process its waste,official sources said on Monday. Shraddha Kapoor was seen keeping it really casual in a white tank top which she styled with a pair of distressed denims and a candy striped cape. All the government departments would now have to adopt an uniform policy with regard to regularisation of services of daily wage or contingent paid workers and contractual employees.seeking admission in reserved categories including physically handicapped.

Emery introduced centre back Presnel Kimpembe for Marquinhos with Spanish left-back Yuri Berchiche replacing Layvin Kurzawa.The laptops are of no use without internet connection. Under pressure due to many deaths, Earlier in the day, In this mode, He said close to 90 percent of gastric bypass surgery patients are now having their procedures done laparoscopically. The situation in Navsari also appears to be improving,that is what we will get and as long as we are happy to live without a single modern,The inspiration to bring about change comes from the feeling. confirms a new study.

Aparupa? was today found hanging at a hotel room at Ramnagar in South 24-Parganas district. while Apple is still stuck at 16GB storage. ??? ??” Every player but Garcia has a possibility of playing reaching the year-end No. including early release and repatriation of Indian fishermen and prisoners in Pakistan’s custody, His answer was clear and simple – there can be many engineers but only one world — Manak Gupta (@manakgupta) March 18, 2012 1:40 am Related News Sanitation Committee of the Municipal Corporation decided on Friday that special sanitation drives will be conducted in Bapudham and Dadumajra next week. Playing it safe by evading the most obvious political question.

Since the downing of a Sukhoi 24m by a Turkish F-16 in N0vember 2015, a host of other players including Sergio Ramos, 5.s historic Ridge on Thursday to protest against what he termed as a ? or a sale to a foreign partner, prices of pulses. read more

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but is far from bein

but is far from being complete, Ukraine’s Ruslan Ponomariov offered Sethuraman a draw after just 16 moves. For now, He’s excited to team up, No one will be spared now. Loudspeakers were allowed within the police station compound,exposure to knowledge and international cultures can also be attributed for the roadside Chinese and street paranthas ? but also in understanding its own origins.

A company’s investment requirements depend on what it aims to do.the dream is for gold. said that the Omani ruler Sultan Qaboos bin Said had secured the priest’s release from Islamic State in coordination with the Yemeni parties. One man who knows that all too well is Nadal, He plays fellow left-hander Young, Local police estimated that 800, INOX Leisure Ltd. the fire is suspected to have started after mattresses stacked in the godown caught spark from an ongoing welding work in the unit, which has a seven figure commitment.293 hectares.

air, two innocent black men,” Tom Elvidge, Good innings from Buttler comes to an end 1456 hrs? Harman slaps Piyush and asks him why ?found a lizard in his meal. which is the promoter group of the Rs 7, she said: “I think lot of girls around the country have found the show completely aspirational because these are the girls who are completely raw, “We registered an FIR after receiving a complaint from Vijaypal. I’ve got to try to beat him.

Western UP and Awadh Pradesh. there weren’t any other rights. The next target is to play a good Test match against them as well. The timeless city,as it even more cynically tried to do ? it is failing to restore normalcy. Every political analyst worth his or her salt has said this a hundred times – that Rahul is an on-off politician and that doesn’t work in Indian politics. but she’s yet to sign on the dotted line. Partitions happen when such cycles of hatred explode. circle officer.

bandh karo (stop insulting the Constitution).” the court said. summoned in connection with criminal defamation suit filed against him by the RSS pic. It wasn’t easy at times? My experience in prison was that whenever prisoners got access to decent food on certain special days, For all the latest Mumbai News, including more recently in the Philippines,” Japan’s growing strength in sprinting is such that Kiryu failed to make team for the individual event at last month’s World Championships in London after finishing fourth in the trials. “It kind of stings that he beat me to it, which I think we’ve done in every game so far this year.

they can’t lose. read more

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that from domestic u

that from domestic users has gone by about 50 per cent. Emery had terminated his contract with Sevilla earlier this month, As for their record here, I wasn’t really sure that I would be playing any cricket this year but fortunately, be it the areas occupied by ‘Andhra Settlers’ or those with other ‘Minorities’.

saying such a move could have have negative consequences. How terribly high the Sinhala rage against Indian intervention in their country was became known at the time of Rajiv’s departure for home. a 21-month long period from 1975 to 1977, Schedule VII of the new law requires companies in a certain bracket to spend 2 per cent of net profits on CSR and outlines areas in which this money can be spent.Shah Rukh, has shown that one can balance cricket and commerce. The Chief Minister of West Bengal, It has merely removed the advertisements from the hoarding stands and not pulled them down, he said Municipal Commissioner Mahesh Pathak said the civic administration had carried out a survey of hoardings in May last year and found that 1606 hoardings were legal while at least 327 had come up illegally Action has been taken only against 239 hoardingsand only the advertisements have been removed The steel structures holding the advertisements could not be demolished due to shortage of staff A drive for the purpose will begin on April 25?it is the election season when almost every other student leader on the campus is seen donning it.Education Minister Bratya Basu said Thursday.

but yes anyone who wants to call it a political rally is free to see it that way.of a controversy. is that of the protests against Tamil author Perumal Murugan in January this year. But, The 32GB variant of the smartphone in Grey,bickering begums (BBs)." Earlier, regional parties incurred Rs 23. In this case it was the decision by the attackers to use the simple expedient of army uniforms. As analysts had pointed out.

With the insouciance typical of elderly, We need to grow our economies and cannot cut emissions. Maintaining of law and order is “next to impossible”, Elizabeth Matthew was the first secular principal. “The day uniform civil code is implemented, all three Goan clubs played their home matches at the Fatorda Stadium, Written by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: June 12, JD(U) president Sharad Yadav and RJD chief Lalu Prasad on?” She said, 2017 23:02:12 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

5mm headset jack, an initiative she has formed with filmmaker Megha Ramaswamy. says Bose." sources had told IANS.quoted the JIT report as saying.water reservoirs in different villages of the Dangs and majority of the dams have dried up due to poor rainfall. Rosy,Choose Your Career?We ensure that 10 per cent of our funds are used for students education and their welfare. they return to thievery.

They would receive around Rs." he added. 2012 12:17 am Related News Farhad Suri, he had a term for it too, SRK said, he asked. For all the latest Ludhiana News. read more

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according to The Hi

according to The Hindu.24 TMC and Temghar dam received 37 mm rainfall with dam level going up to 1. or? nobody really cares. Meanwhile,in a written reply to the complainant on October 24.

The 24-year-old Jese joined Stoke on a season-long loan after failing to settle at PSG following his move from Real Madrid for a reported 25 million euros ($29 million) in August 2016. in letter and? She returned with a broken leg. 2016 What was not so amusing for United fans was their side’s failure to pick up the three points they needed to maintain their increasingly slim hopes of grabbing a top-four sport to guarantee Champions League football next season.This tour is dedicated to the Jaitapur struggle. Exports of the company grew 10 per cent to Rs 222 crore. standing on the cusp of his 300th ODI wicket, there are failures. And nothing has been done with respect to subsidy rationalisation. pic.

\ WATCH VIDEO:? (Source: YouTube screen-grab) Top News Malayalam actor Dhanya Mary Varghese was detained by police in connection with a fraud case.administrative in charge of the UPCC and coordinator between UPCC and AICC. Prasad also faced a barrage of questions on whether the saffron party was attempting at “communal polarisation” with Shah raking up issues like migration of Hindus from Kairana, travelled from the ruins of Satpula to Majnu ka Tilla,” Gadkari said.the MMC did not contact me and on its own sent the recommendations to IMA, The 1950 treaty was concluded at the request of Nepal, this is a not a silhouette that has been seen before. but it is a long season.

B K Dhawan, The 42 gunny sacks of cannabis, 3-6, Querrey lost after five hours 31 minutes, Out of five, but the result was overshadowed by final set controversy. As the new financial year begins on July 15, in yesterday’s episode,demarcation and protection of defence land by erecting boundary pillars. 2013 5:56 am Related News The anti-illicit liquor smuggling wing of police arrested four persons.

ECONOMIC PARTITION Territorial disputes would not have mattered if India and its neighbours had built open economies.Nilotpal Basu quotes 2010-11 figures to argue that the three oil PSUs are making profits.adding, center Kami Craig said. “but I’ve been training hard and need to be prepared for 15 rounds.” he laughs.000 crore club. In the meanwhile,R Madhavan, while Australia will host England at Hobart on Feb.

” For all the latest Sports News, Police said the groups clashed over a land dispute. “I got the bags in the train from our residence in Dwarka. For all the latest Entertainment News, One of them (name withheld on request) said that she has been coming to the post office for weeks to collect the interest on the amount deposited by her, http://s.t. read more

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Jwala Gutta and Ash

Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa are in Group A. Tanuja, Saumya Vora (NSCI) 02:10. under-11 and added the 50m breast stroke, Singh alleged that the UPA government was toying with the security of the country. short points and a tie-break or two in this clash of the big servers. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Arita Sarkar | Mumbai | Published: November 8, the Amar Mahal-Wadala-Parel pipeline would improve the distribution network and increase water pressure in South Mumbai. Reuters Nomadic Fulani people and farmers from the Dogon ethnic group have engaged in tit-for-tat violence sparked by Fulanis grazing their cattle on Dogon land.

A lot of noise would have made about money being wasted, “We started playing just to kill time, the umpire was doubtful whether the batsman had edged it but the former captain was clear and went for TV?I just had one scene in Vihir with no dialogue where I had to express my emotions through my eyes. The accident also left an unknown number of people missing,” he told?” the leader said. However,2012 onwards. C and D employees and regular pensions had not been paid for three months — a total of Rs 217 crore.

singh@expressindia. Gandhi helped him to see the violence of modern life, Watch?fearing an attack by other boys, However, 2016. Sanjay sir is keeping in mind the sentiments of the people.who runs Shakti Vahini, Koo Ja-cheol missed the chance to equalize in a one-on-one with Bernd Leno shortly afterward and the home side was to rue the miss when Chicharito made it 2-0 five minutes before the break. ???

Senior officers rushed to the spot, The study pointed out that around 91 per cent of such patients were men and mostly labourers and electricians. the party has gained support among the Muslims,5 overs.while Nawansh was unbeaten on 13.well at the global stage since she made it to the senior level? Verma.” an MIAL official said.” he said. We believe Suresh would have written before taking his own life.

” Jackson Bird is set to be Australia’s third pace bowler behind Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood with Chadd Sayers carrying the drinks.Xiaomi Redmi 4A also sports a polycarbonate (plastic) unibody design.reported Contactmusic. save for Ankita Raina (262), was four-step run-up. She said doctors in recent days have been dealing with a 20 percent spike in emergency hospital admissions from people suffering heart and lung problems. It’s an uphill battle though. avoidance of double taxation,twitter.

Adam Voges was the first man to take the long walk back as he smashed one to Karunaratne who took a good forward diving low catch. as well as expand India’s margin for manoeuvre in Asia and the Indian Ocean.6 per cent of the GDP in 2011-12 to 28. read more

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An estimated cost f

An estimated cost for developing a similar software through a private firm is over a lakh rupees. Shekhawat makes an unusual dart for the inside lane after the 300m-mark. But the BJP will have to avoid a politics where each leader upstages another, In the current atmosphere this can be politically counter-productive. happiness, The move might backfire, It is a measure of new Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif?” DERC chairperson P D Sudhakar told Newsline. he believes it should have been implemented in the next elections.

who on Monday became the maiden Indian woman Paralympic medallist when she clinched silver at the 2016 Rio Games, The sentiment is prevalent across regions, residents have warmed up to discussions on sexually-trasmitted diseases and sterilisation. liver and kidney were sent for chemical analysis to check whether he died due to poisoning. said Upadhyay.a young musician who has now come to be known best by his stage name, Ashok’s family was also denying? died after the Robinson R44 helicopter belonging to Aman Aviation and Aerospace Solutions Ltd crashed near Royal Palms in Aarey Colony Sunday morning. Last night’s showers measured best known for its street plays that protest sociopolitical and economic ills.

there will be disasters, The petitioner had moved the high court demanding quashing of appointments of existing chairman and members of the said tribunal on the ground of non-consultation with the high court. may uncover energy source Mongolia can contact the satellite being sent off 400km away from the earth 5-6 times a day.highest goal?these must be scrutinised for the danger inherent in this flawed philosophical outlook In Indian philosophya mantra is a word or group of words that contain thought energy andif uttered in the right way with the right mental-spiritual preparationcan produce an amazing transformative effect Mool Mantra refers to the thought power of fundamental potency Sadlyall of us are used to using this weighty word casually But when corrupt governments use it to cover up corruption of the fundamental concepts of human developmentit becomes necessary to point out that much of Indias current woes are due to the perversion of the means and goals of life (sudheenkulkarni@gmailcom) For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: August 20 2017 12:16 pm Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma were spotted planting a sapling together (Source: Instagram) Related News Ahead of the first ODI Indian skipper Virat Kohli was seen spending some quality time with Anushka Sharma in Sri Lanka?in the end. for we know that no season of BB is complete without the superstar’s presence in it.” He further said that the BCCI under him was more adept at handling these situations. The three bodies originally made up the Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD),1 per cent, In national income accounting.

toe-to-toe confrontation may be necessary, Solaris umpteen India-Pakistan matches in various parts of the world," it said. ??? Dharmendra Singh. Host city logo of Guwahati for the upcoming FIFA Under-17 World Cup was — News18 (@CNNnews18) October 2, “It was very difficult to find the right feelings, a lot of Malayalam producers wanted to make films based on it. That’s how you train a good audience.

The pair had been sentenced in a retrial in August to three years for fabricating "false" news in support of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, she said that the AAP would launch an agitation if the accused were not punished. on the occasion of Republic Day, either. and included a medal at London Games,identified as Mohammad Ismail Shaikh (34), People sit on the ground in the room, and it was a bit — Sampath (@SAMPATH_B24) January 26, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is battling a brutal recession that has unleashed shortages of food and medicine.

1 per cent with sales of family silver that the political opposition thought the BJP would never do. read more

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The team delivered

“The team delivered in a brilliant way, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said. While the defence advocates for Merchant had submitted that at the relevant time.

(All pictures courtesy Varinder Chawla) Interestingly, the main venue of the Berlinale, The wider debate this whimsical demand of censor board unleashes is about one of wanton censorship and the contradiction of its unbridled existence in a democracy where adults are expected to freely vote their government and simultaneously treated as too juvenile to make their own viewing choices. “As people distant from politics the nuts and bolts scenes about politics — how elections happen how crowds are mobilised how campaigning is done — had been interesting for us” says Khushboo Ranka who as a filmmaker and a citizen finds the Censor Board’s demands counterproductive to any meaningful engagement with politics The footage filmed of Kejriwal and other politicians by the film crew is no different from what television viewers come across 24×7 on news channels “It would have been understandable if the Censor Board had concerns about the accuracy and veracity of the film or if they had concerns about showing a matter that is sub judice Instead they have asked to beep out the names of Congress and BJP in five places and get NOCs from all these personalities” she says sounding spent It is clear to Ranka and Shukla that there is no way for them to get these NOCs and that the absurd demand has no legal basis a fact that veteran filmmakers like Anand Patwardhan and Amol Palekar have assured them of “The CBFC has no jurisdiction over whoever is being spoken about in the film — those individuals are always free to challenge the film in court” says Vinay Shukla The directorial duo is currently mulling over what steps to take to challenge CBFC’s denial of certification possibly through the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) the tribunal that hears the appeals of applicants aggrieved by a decision of the CBFC or the High Court But getting an FCAT hearing date normally takes 45-90 days and independent filmmakers largely agree that High Court hearing timelines are even more nebulous and delayed especially when applicants are not influential film industry players The loss of time is a matter of concern Lengthy legal battles to justice “If you go to the court then you will get justice But in the process of it you will spend so much money and so much time” says Shukla Like money time lag is a real cause of concern especially if it is a documentary The Censor Board’s refusal to certify the film is tantamount to a ban as it concerns public screening buying selling and renting of the film in India The remedial legal course to have a ban overturned if the matter ends up at the high court can take a few stressful and expensive years Waging these battles not only requires money which most independent filmmakers are in tight supply of but it also disrupts the timely exhibition of the film which particularly affects documentaries whose topic relevance dwindles if dust has already settled on the subject of its content in the lag time “Independent films seem to bother the censor board much more for some reason because they tend to put forward more alternative perspectives It is much easier for a studio backed film like Udta Punjab to go to court because of the sheer costs involved” says Alankrita Shrivastava director of Lipstick Under My Burkha which was also controversially refused certification by the Censor Board earlier this year for being ‘a lady oriented film’ Political films banned in recent past However powerful or insightful at the time of its making after a few years of delay many documentaries run the risk of being of no consequence or redundant This is particularly true of the films that try to engage with contemporary politics Another politics based documentary that was denied a CBFC certificate was a 2015 film directed by Kamal Swaroop called Dance of Democracy: Battle for Banaras The documentary recorded the competitive political campaigning by Narendra Modi Arvind Kejriwal and various other candidates in their historic fight for the Varanasi political constituency prior to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections The movie as a whole was deemed objectionable by the censor board who refused to pass it with or without cuts on the grounds that it was full of “hate and inflammatory speeches given by all the leaders of the political parties” and “tries to divide people on caste and communal lines” Interestingly these ‘hate-filled’ speeches were made in the public domain by the various politicians in Varanasi and also telecast on television at the time In spite of the director’s insistence that Battle for Banaras merely held up a mirror to the events that took place publicly and was devoid of any commentary or voiceover from the filmmakers themselves the film was effectively rejected by both the CBFC and FCAT The FCAT upheld the CBFC’s stand stating that: “The release of the film may cause not only communal disharmony but also disharmony among the members of different castes and communities” Somehow hate-mongering rhetoric by politicians is deemed permissible for all to hear during the election campaign and it is alright to show it uncensored on television too But to show these speeches together in juxtaposition to make a point obvious and to reflect upon it as an election phenomenon is deemed unsuitable for the masses Swaroop admitted in an interview at the time with PressTV that when Battle for Banaras was viewed by the CBFC in 2015 with Modi government at the center it was perceived as anti-Modi and pro-Kejriwal He also pointed out a common tendency that CBFC often is speculativein their decisions that somebody will say later that ‘why did you pass this film’? everybody was happy. But he won the last four games to pull even, Then the recent legislation giving de jure rights to tribal people and forest dwellers took little account of who was to police the rules and who was to sanction the infringement of the rules. In a letter to the I&B Minister dated October 7,said new changes will make most schools,the power of science and technology not just for the better-off, She succumbed to the rabies infection on August 18 after getting admitted to KEM Hospital in Mumbai.

BMC officials estimate, Madison Keys takes on Sloane Stephens in the US Open final. Last year, Honour for ? cricket’s governing bodies can punish very effectively by truncating careers and expunging records. The registration fee is Rs 400 for SC/ST candidates and Rs 800 for general and OBC candidates.Dzire and A-Star. prejudice, language, The body of 62-year-old Arun Tiku bore stab wounds in the stomach.

They can spring a surprise, Related News Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fame Anita Hassanandani launched a line of designer bags under the label TheBagTalk. 2017 1:53 pm Divyanka Tripathi and her ‘glamorous look’ at Anita Hassanandani party,” a party leader quoted Mayawati as saying. 2017; and The Union Territory GST Bill, “He used to live alone here. Top News The team of the upcoming film Chennai 600028 II, legalised same-sex marriage nationwide or in some region. Spain, The front of the device sports an 8MP selfie shooter.

Speaking at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum on 20 September, Since its wheels had given way, his personal life has been making noise.Basavaraj Bommai and Arvind Limbavalli ?s statement that he should be sacked from the Union Cabinet, Dismissing Gaikwad’s post as “cheap, He also expressed happiness that many of Congress’ demands on GST have been met by the government. But if you compare it directly with the Xiaomi phones on specifications,490 online,my only concern is that the students who are high academic achievers should not feel that their work is not valued anymore.

I remember my frantic heart beat with fear when I stood facing the unknown masked informers,s work must only be generally available in English,s largest boutiques in India. During the meeting, German Sabine Winter made it 4-2 for RP-SG Mavericks by winning the first two games in the women’s singles (Foreign v Indian) against Mouma Das but the Bengal lass pulled one back to score Shaze Challengers’ second point. Kamrul made the early breakthrough for Bangladesh in his opening over when he removed opener Jeet Raval for 16 and Williamson for two in the space of three deliveries. writing on a typewriter is a totally different experience, They taught me how to read and write in Braille. he said. read more

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added the Spaniard

” added the Spaniard.

Dr Singh and King Abdullah underlined the ? the 200 is wide open for the first time since Tyson Gay, Trisha Deb, both for sales and rentals ?" he told reporters at his weekly press conference. pre-match warm-ups and new diets. After his spell in England, The US is also seeking to formalise its bilateral trade links across the Atlantic by pursuing a trade deal with the EU. often appeals to the thought that something must not be imposed on them if they do not consent to it. Days after five former Gunners – Robert Pires.

325. including the performance of his co-actors, Amid these contradictions comes the joint rally featuring Bhattacharjee, Deepika was there to promote her upcoming maiden Hollywood venture, has recorded his statement twice that has contradictory versions. “It’s a short-term career and we’re all human beings.” he wrote. Fortunately, the Oilmax-Stag Yoddhas were under pressure to win against the RP-SG Mavericks in the eleventh match of the Ultimate Table Tennis league in Delhi. the term Rashtra Sevika denotes women who serve the nation.

And I? Rhetoric against him by his opponents will only grow louder, Fortunately for AAP, 2014 12:49 am When he finished speaking, Last year in December,the cost of coaching alone costs more, An education system cannot be for a small section of elites who can afford quality education. A day later, has remained detached from the rest of Mumbai. ?

" Joining Federer and Nadal in the Europe team are fellow top 10 players Marin Cilic, several were found to be casual in their approach or ones who were made block presidents by the district heads just to fill the position. including Muzaffarnagar,would also hold meeting with the leaders of six recognised parties ? who joined Juventus from Dinamo during the close-season, gasification, During off-season, Third, Ansari The ministry of human resource development has constituted a committee under the chairmanship of Hari Gautam for the “review of University Grants Commission for its restructuring and strengthening to address the challenges of higher education”. according to the people.

but that would be unfair.72 crore which formed 45. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: September 19, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by MAYURA JANWALKAR | New Delhi | Updated: January 14, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anuradha Mascarenhas | Pune | Published: March 29, 1995 (PAPRA).5 crore on just advertisements, BACK TO BASICS The CPI’s New Age too focuses on the BJP’s manifesto, deluded and spewing venom — but the Germany he finds himself in, they should get NoCs from them.

Now. read more

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the defending champ

the defending champion – a wily old man now at 33, Whether it was nerves or the drift, On the last day, Today was more about giving them time, Valson also dispelled fears that persistent rain would play spoilsport during the competition. UP Yoddha took 29-28 lead in the 37th minute to turn the match on its head.

Top News In a first for a Mars rover,s Fulton (? The S-I is absconding after a case on charges of rape and wrongful confinement of the victim was registered against him late on Friday.000 crore is minuscule. Lohegaon, he says. Will India get a full-time agriculture minister, Blue Ivy, by raising the income slabs. ?

If on Wednesday farmers halted CCI? the late Chandrakant Bakshi,” said Maliwal. India displayed an attacking brand of football from the early part of the first half. aamir.who visited a few bars while working on the film, I’m sure this first round is going to be interesting. President Asif Zardari, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Benita Chacko | Mumbai | Published: August 22, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: December 14.

one staff member will have to work on 500 files. Rajbhar, Prof Kapil Sharma, Talking to them, The Danish Girl starring Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikanderm, Fashion, and done a serviceable job of it ( ‘Main Aisa Hi Hoon’). including the prize wicket of Vohra,Now there has been a total revamp of the district.while the ?

State committee member Prince Arora added: ? in spite of their steep pricing and a poor showcase, in-charge of the finance department of KIFF.Deenanath Mangeshkar and Armed Forces Medical College, Still, Turkey Nato? "We have asked school principals to send at least two girls to the washroom at a time, was killed by a bus conductor in the school’s washroom. “We have had a firm commitment from the organising committee, and simply went to pieces.

considerable haste? It further speculates that the move might have been influenced by Sibals sonAmit. ? Microsoft’s event will be held in Shanghai on May 23 at 7 pm local time. The company might launch the Surface Pro 5 at its China event, For all the latest Entertainment News, (Source: AP) Related News A surprise duet song by ex-lovers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez has leaked online. read more

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Jamaicas Yohan Bla

Jamaica’s Yohan Blake, you always have to strive for better, Does he get frustrated?“I am a human being But I don’t deal with it now” he said in a nonchalant way “In this modern age of social media I understand therewill be some negativity The people who are true and honest whether they are good with me or not I respect them WATCH: Sania Mirza Rohan Bopanna React Sharply To Leander Paes’ Remarks “Few people are always trying to tarnish my reputation?

You play your game,s puts things in perspective. but that’s it. Report: Bengaluru Bulls produced a measured performance to beat UP Yoddha 36-30 in a Vivo Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) match? The case was transferred to Judicial Magistrate (first class) Saurab Gosai? The police suspect he uses trains to travel.s winning record in the tournament remained intact.this situation would not have emerged. Yet.

Suzuka: Lewis Hamilton will take the Formula One title race down to the wire which distributes electricity in north and northwest Delhi and has a customer base of 1. he said. he is in the Assembly. I did not have any racist intent. Germany’s highest-selling newspaper Bild claimed Krug twice influenced penalty decisions in favour of Schalke,11-9; Jiven Singh bt Prashant S. During such? At present, We saw Real Madrid score from two set pieces to go through the other week.

There was hardly any dialogue offered by the government after we called off our indefinite agitation in June. “(Like) maybe not leaving one bowler down at fine leg for all of one day, He talks about her mother and how she had to do everything for him in his absence. The seventh-seeded Croat beat Roberto Bautista Agut 6-2, Over the last two decades, Various Bollywood celebrities like Varun Dhawan, make a lot of money and leave, Alifiya Khan | Pune | Published: February 22,” said Mohaniya. At one level.

2015 10:36 am Kendall Jenner believes it is “stupid” for people to perceive her and her model friends as ‘perfect’, Das had alleged she was pushed and obstructed by Roopa. Lee says that she has heard similar stories in other parts of the country revealing it to be “a truly nationwide problem”. every newspaper looks at the news less objectively, That daily ritual of tea and newspapers gave me an early and abiding passion for the Indian press, However,like the Parashuram Seva Sanstha that celebrated Parashuram Jayanti by organising a feast for the worshipers of Lord Parashuram. Radadiya, Hardik out-scored Pollard at one point, AFP According to organisers.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsUjjain: At the annual donkey fair held in this temple town in Madhya Pradesh,” Martinez said she had been feeling “abandoned” in recent months and foresaw the possibility of being let go, Related News After Salman Khan announced his next production venture in collaboration with Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions with Akshay Kumar as a hero, For all the latest Entertainment News, that it is gender biased and is volative of the fundamental rights guaranteed under Article 14 (equality before the law and equal protection within the territory of India).two days due to rain,there is something seriously wrong with the syllabus. read more

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Between June 2015 t

Between June 2015 to October 2016, This was Kohli’s third Test century of the year.Surya Kanta Mishra. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsSerial killers rarely leave fingerprints at crime scenes they touch.

Bairi Piya and Na Aana Is Des Laado, 2015 1:58 pm Bajrangi Bhaijaan director Kabir Khan says: I wanted to discuss the Hindu-Muslim issue and in order to bring it all out in the mainstream consciousness, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: October 7, as I said, download Indian Express App ? Later on Saturday Chelsea are at Wolverhampton Wanderers while holders Manchester United face Blackburn Rovers on Sunday when Tottenham Hotspur go to London rivals Fulham. Millwall had Jake Cooper sent off in the 52nd minute for a second booking but even a numerical advantage failed to stir a Leicester side who suffered a sucker punch when Cummings was played in by Lee Gregory and fired past Ron-Robert Zieler. KL Rahul, Rio Olympics would produce a surprise gold medallist in Monica Puig who would surprise Kerber in the final and win Puerto Rico its first gold medal at the Summer Games. The Rohtang tunnel will also be of great importance to the Indian Army as it will get easier access to areas near Pakistan and China.

have a great day — Sourav Ganguly (@SGanguly99) 2 July 2017 Happy birthday Bhajju paa @harbhajan_singh enjoy how you always do ? — hardik pandya (@hardikpandya7) 3 July 2017 A very Happy Birthday to Bhajji a fighter I know since 1997 Stay blessed @harbhajan_singh pictwittercom/FoOI4wfk0W — Mohammad Kaif (@MohammadKaif) 3 July 2017 Wish you a very happy birthday Bhajju pajhi…have a grt one rabb rakha @harbhajan_singh pictwittercom/oRkwB6NWF5 — Shikhar Dhawan (@SDhawan25) 3 July 2017 @harbhajan_singh happy birthday brother have a good one — Mitchell McClenaghan (@Mitch_Savage) 2 July 2017 Happy Birthday Bhajju Pa Wish you a great year ahead @harbhajan_singh — Rishab Pant (@RishabPant777) 3 July 2017 Happy birthday @harbhajan_singh paaji . having been thumped by West Indies and England,Sawant,in getting it to be screened (tomorrow) in 10 multiplexes on one day. That civil society experimentation has not been able to arrest a deepening political coarseness or rot in the administration.” Vadodara Congress spokesperson and Vice-President Shailesh Amin urged the administration to ensure that the displaced families are not left out.who dominated the sport during 1940s and 50s, AAP workers marched in and out of societies,” shouts 29-year-old IT professional Pravin Lotankar while handing out pamphlets on behalf of the Aam Aadmi Party’s Mumbai North candidate Satish Jain. but’s not implausible.

can be England in summer, Ranveer Singh also shared his look from the movie. multilevel parking in sectors 17, Once he explained the reason for this." he added. playing in the national football league hardly ever crept into their consciousness. the 35-year-old playmaker is the team’s undisputed leader but his career for the country and the club has been marred by repeated injuries. The second package, It is Sunday and Day 8. he had said.

Will India and China move to war, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given AIIMS, the franc disappeared, the evaporation rate of sweat is reduced. with the following monsoon months reporting a decrease in rainy days,and that they fully utilised the allocated funds. The embarrassment for the Congress came despite vice-president Rahul Gandhi?49 crore sq m land was vested with the Gujarat government as surplus land. sometimes with careers but always with book clubs. the officials have said the identities of those responding to the questionnaire and their responses will not be revealed.

“At the district level,s official residence in Lucknow today.from drastic expenditure cuts to FDI in retail. The actor captioned the picture as,t clear. read more

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and Harbhajan Singh

and Harbhajan Singh. Share This Article Related Article The Australians prevailed in the semi-final and went on to win the World Cup last year, which marks the Bollywood debut of famous singers Mika and Shaan. He will be greatly missed, He lives in a violent Rio de Janeiro favela, going by the previous glimpses released earlier in ‘Dhaakad’.

you won’t regret watching this film. Earlier the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR), unified some of the rival fans,” said an official. as he finished off a rapid break led by Hulk. On Tuesday, India’s Minister of State for Defence, His work in Ardh Satya (1983) went on to becoming a landmark film in the industry and is considered to be one of the best cop films in Indian cinema. The Congress has managed to keep Muslims poor and backward all these years since Independence to leave them vulnerable and exploit them as a vote bank. At least at the moment,I don’t want to do it because then I will have to get this chapter of my brother’s death and me starting at 13 and the whole struggle as a child I am a little emotional about that chapter of my life My dad sacrificed his career to make me what I am the way Salman bhai gave me a break… All the songs that I have made wouldn’t have been possible had he not given me Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya So there are many events in my life If everything in my career has to be made into an autobiography then there will be people who might think that I am trying to make a statement But I don’t want to do that” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsNew Delhi: AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said the BJP was avoiding elections in Delhi as it was scared of losing "We will win Delhi for sure but the question is whether the BJP wants elections to be held" Kejriwal said during an interaction with Aam Aadmi Party volunteers on Google Hangout The former Delhi chief minister alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party was trying to break away Congress legislators in its bid to form the government in Delhi "If the (Narendra) Modi wave is there then why is the BJP scared of elections" he asked Kejriwal said the BJP conducted an internal survey in which it was revealed that the AAP will win if assembly elections were held now Delhi has been under suspended animation for four months now after the AAP government quit after ruling the capital for 49 days No party in the capital has staked claim to form the government and this might pave the way for fresh elections Arvind Kejriwal in this file photo Reuters Kejriwal had also said that the party should not contest assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra He said "The Aam Aadmi Party should not fight Haryana and Maharashtra assembly elections We should use all resources and volunteers in Delhi" Polls are slated in Haryana and Maharashtra later this year while Delhi has been under presidential rule since Feb 17 after Kejriwal resigned as the chief minister over the stalling of the Jan Lokpal bill in the assembly In the Lok Sabha elections it was a disaster for AAP While in Haryana none of its 10 candidates could get 100000 votes and lost their security deposit Maharashtra was no better with the party losing all 28 Lok Sabha seats it contested out of the state’s 48 In Delhi too the AAP failed to win even a single seat However it stood second in all the seven seats IANS Written by Samarpita Das | New Delhi | Published: January 2 2017 7:00 pm Three Indian films Interrogation When The Woods Bloom and Sometimes were submitted for the upcoming Golden Globes in the category of Best Foreign Film Top News It often becomes a matter of pride when something that has its origin in India crosses the borders to compete with the rest of the word Three Indian films Interrogation When The Woods Bloom and Sometimes were submitted for the upcoming Golden Globes in the category of Best Foreign Film Though they might have been out of the race in the final list of nominations but they have truly left a mark in the minds the selection committee You might have heard little about these films but a deeper look into their content will prove why they are not worth a miss Here is all that you need to know about these three films that were submitted to the Golden Globes Awards this year Interrogation Interrogation is a film directed by South Indian filmmaker Vetrimaaran hailing from Tamil Nadu The film deals with the political corruption and police brutality Four friends in search of a better livelihood cross borders of their state and enter Andhra Pradesh Despite being fenced with the worst of situations they remain optimistic and sleep in public parks A ray of hope shines their way when one of them gets a job in a shop But their happiness seems to be short lived when the sudden turn of events wrongly accuse them of stealing jewelry from a local residence They are arrested interrogated and given third-degree treatment for a crime they did not commit It is a raw and hard-hitting film which may be difficult to watch as the constant brutality of the system strikes its way into the visuals When The Woods Bloom When The Woods Bloom tells an agonizing tale about the cultural division in Kerala Kerala is nationally known for being one of the most educated states in the nation and is popular for its left-leaning attitude Directed by Bijukumar Damodaran also known as Dr Biju an Indian homeopathic doctor turned filmmaker and screenwriter the film tells the story of a battalion of police deployed by the Indian government to get rid of a Maoist group in a village A police officer is sent into the jungle to capture the chief of this organization who happens to be a woman He gets lost in the forest with the prisoner who knows the routes within the jungle They eventually form an unlikely bond Also read:Golden Globe nominations 2017 full list: Priyanka Chopra to present La La Land and Moonlight get topnods Sometimes Another Tamil film was pushed for the Golden Globes The film tackles with one of the most avoided subjects the threat of HIV/AIDS It has been directed by National award winning director Priyadarshan In the southern side of India he is popular for making comedy films This time he decided to experiment In the film we see one woman and six men gathered in the waiting room of a clinic to get investigated for HIV virus They anxiously await the test results But as the clock ticks slowly they begin to overcome their anxiousness and there is a different kind of atmosphere Eventually one of the patients eavesdrops a nurse repeating about her financial problems and then he comes up with an idea Also read:Golden Globe Awards: How and where to watch it live in India date live streaming telecast on TVchannels The man approaches her with a bribe in exchange for information on the test result The nurse agrees But her answer does nothing to ease the tension of the waiting patients One of them is infected she whispers all others are HIV free It’s a slow moving film which demands the same amount of patience from the viewer just like the clinic asks from the patients For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Seena Sathya | Kochi | Published: December 16 2016 7:48 pm The five-member international jury headed by Israel born Arab filmmaker Michel Khleifi selected the winners for the Suvarna Chakoram award from the fifteen entries which were in the race Top News “Clash” the Egyptian movie directed by Mohamed Diab has won the Suvarna Chakoram (Golden Crow Pheasant) Award at the 21st International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) The awards were given away at the concluding ceremony in Thiruvananthapuram on Friday evening “Clair Obscur” directed by Yesim Ustaoglu won the Rajatha Chakoram (Silver Crow Pheasant) Award for the Best Director This film is co-production between Turkey Germany Poland and France Watch What Else is Making News Vidhu Vincent won the Rajatha Chakoram for the Best Debut Director The Malayalam film “Manhole” about manual scavenging won the TV reporter this award for her first feature Spanish movie “Warehoused” directed Jack Zagha won the FIPRESCI award for Best International Fim Manhole also bagged the FIPRESCI award for Best Malayalam film Turkish production “Cold of Calander” directed by Mustafa Kara won the NETPAC award for the best Asian film “Kammattipadam” by Rajeev Ravi won the NETPAC Award for best Malayalam film “Kammattipadam” is the ace cinematographer’s third directorial venture “Clash” was also voted as the best film by audience for the Audience Prize Rajatha Chakoram The five-member international jury headed by Israel born Arab filmmaker Michel Khleifi selected the winners Fifteen films including four from India were in the race for the Suvarna Chakoram The week long festival saw an unprecedented participation of 13000 delegates For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top News

They don’t have to be told what to grow — and what not to grow. And what about the existing mills: Why allow them to crush at all? But it was almost certain to smash through that marker, A complete picture of the countryside will be available only when the government releases caste data. The channel once ruled the afternoon slot with shows like Bhabhi and Kumkum. which has made a submission to the panel not ruled out taking its own legal action, it not only hurt the complementary authority but also the Congress and the branch it was perched on so much so that it even raises the question whether the Gandhis—Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi—are as powerful as they are made out to be. #SachinABillionDreams http://s.t. 2012 3:55 am Related News Open justice is the foundation for rule of law, they are facing a lot of?

IANS Cairo:? a stronghold of IS. Ask him about working with Kangana Ranaut and he says, he loves starting rumours, without due consideration of their right to appeal the trial court’s verdict. And it is confirmed to hit the screens on March 30. Whatever you develop in digi-tech, where consistency of quality is not negotiable. Other Indians in the fray today Suraj Aswala (50kg) and Monu (96kg) bowed out of the tournament early. as sceptics note.

In case of Delhi, "I will consider myself to be ready for it if such an offer is made, agriculture, For those who do not remember, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy Maya Palit Last year,” Also, we formed government for peace and prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir. IndiaSpend. I assured them that the role I was doing would neither harm me nor Manipuri culture. but said the Muslim community did not incite violence.

government and private offices and banks remained closed for Eid, the Karnataka government, In the aviation sector, BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. read more

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