Xi’an construction machinery specialized institute website diagnosis user experience

recently began to learn, that will often dream is to buy a car after the completion of new or second-hand car, you buy a new car, before driving to buy a second-hand car, estimated that one day longer than driving car. (just under the illusion that there’s no plan to buy a car yet.)

also wants to learn how to fix the car. Today, a friend’s child is in the Xi’an Engineering Machinery Institute. He says he can help repair the car if he buys it. To tell the truth, I have never heard of this name, before this, the Internet industry out of habit, in Baidu search on the Xi’an mechanical engineering college, going to their school website learning, it does not matter, but I see a lot of problems, for this type of site. The problem is very normal, here today from the following aspects to under the Xi’an Construction Machinery Institute website:

Xi’an construction machinery specialized institute website interface design diagnosis:

opens the website to give the human to be one kind very not specialized feeling, the average person to the construction machinery specialized institute’s understanding is probably the mechanical maintenance, but opens this website to let the human feel very empty. Now specifically the website design and layout of the site: the first is the head, LOGO and put the name of their school a background image, give a person very not professional feeling, and is next to the video, personally think that the website is best not to open the default video playback, affect the overall user experience; the second is the layout, do the above is teaching equipment, professional settings, while people do not see a complete school, do not know at the time how the layout of the last section; is too messy, and although very good, but also not so arranged. For the proposed site interface design of Xi’an Engineering Machinery College: students to learn to stand in the perspective of demand and layout in accordance with the information interface program, find a professional graphic design to


Xi’an construction machinery specialized institute website optimization promotion diagnosis:

First we look at

TITLE: actually, we think, to learn the car maintenance, so how to search the title, this design meets potential users search habits! Keywords set only one, the other is such a waste, it is described in a complete mess, there is no focus.

Then we look at the

navigation and URL navigation order, I personally think that is not in accordance with the importance of arrangement, want to learn a car repair, see the school’s website, most want to know is a professional, one is teaching equipment, a practice, finally is industry and the application of this information, so other minor and the key to do apart; in URL, without the use of static, ZhengZhan all is a submitted article database, this kind of site is a static page, and standardized URL, whether it is search engine friendly, or after the promotion, are of great help.

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