Site planning program five years experience

1, site planning program steps

1. site plan value — content focuses on the solution of what can bring value to customers, and through what ways to realize this kind of value, so as to help the salesman to win orders; in addition, a good solution on the basis of fully mining, analyzing the actual needs of customers, and with professional the web development language, format, to effectively solve the problems on the development direction of communication, data process.

2. pre planning data collection – collection plan data is the key point of success on site planning, it is related to whether can help customers fully accurately analyze and grasp the Internet application value. Often, a scheme fails to win the bid, which is closely related to the methods of information collection, the scope of collection, the executive attitude and the scale of implementation.

3. website planning ideas — on the basis of finishing the full collection of customer data, the need for data analyzing and sorting, customer needs, salesman, planners, designers, software engineers, editing together participation, analysis, range of negotiation, combination and terminology. Teleweb focuses on 7 aspects to launch standard.

4. site planning scheme writing: this part is the core of the standard, from the standard scheme, professional web site planning scheme should include 8 aspects, but according to the actual situation of the several aspects in using.

5. site planning package and submission – a professional website planning program needs to be strictly packaged before submission to the customer. Inside the packaging method, skills, the submission of the key content made detailed provisions.

6. site planning scheme of explanation and demonstration – scheme demonstration and explanation of the success of the order for this event, in every teleweb explain the ideas, to explain the steps, dress, manners and so made clear.

7. site plan filing / filing, filing / site planning scheme can be prepared according to the case knowledge base rules of the company are different, and formulate different standards, finishing the dimensions of the knowledge base of the etheric content made the details and finishing method.

next article, I will announce the site enterprise review network detailed planning case for reference, please look forward to.

2, site planning program value

2.1 value to customers

customer understanding of the Internet, the value of the site, after all, limited understanding (except IT sector), only by the salesman’s introduction is still inadequate, for customers, is still a fog, look at the mountain. While the site planning programs like cleaning agents, wash the line of sight of customers, in addition to washing customer worries, let the customer understand the value of their use of the Internet, I understand in what solutions to performance value.

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