Talk about how to be a sound brand domain name investor

not long ago in A5 saw an article from A5 station network released "the domestic Internet market briefing", because I always love to study domain, specially for domain name transactions in the paper are studied in detail, drawn from the domain name situation can be analyzed: the domain name market more and more popular, domain name transactions have become increasingly frequent and high quality domain price was gradually increasing trend.

It is a breakthrough of

starting from the beginning of the unique domain name hao123 website to present some digital domain name, domain name, domain name, homophonic Pinyin new domain name and so on, for now the Internet market, a good domain name means to create a good brand name for the enterprise, now many sites are to the domain name built, from the fair, 58, zhubajie, domain name can be seen as the domain name has a unique brand,.Com domain name is only one name, and can have more than one, so the choice of the domain name is the key, with the increasing of domain name investors, now choose a quality domain name is like a victory in the battle of


in the face of such a situation, I according to the development trend in the future, the domain name domain name transaction status and so the case summed up the domain name choice a few requirements, here to share some of my opinions, hoping to help to some personal webmaster and enterprise website, let the domain name for your development of a booster tim.

one. Personal site, domain name to have personalized

personal webmaster established websites are generally small and medium-sized site, this site has a characteristic that is attracting people are industry groups, such as many personal webmaster to create a QQ type site, and this type of website target user group is QQ love young friend, there are some individual stationmaster is established a joke or fiction website, this kind of website to attract the target population is the special interest groups of people, these people are often 18 – 30 year olds, according to the website to choose their own unique domain characteristics of young people is very important. For example, now famous 17K site, Wuai site, the site of the domain name can be summarized as individual domain names, and these names have the characteristics of strong memory, when you select the domain name in personal webmaster can choose some personality strong memory of the domain name, the domain name will help the owners set up their own websites brand.

two. Enterprise site name selection should be pragmatic,

Domain name and personal webmaster

enterprise site domain name and domain name is not the same, the enterprise should often match enterprise content, such as not long ago there was a DVD group on the acquisition of DVD domain name, can be seen from the enterprise site domain name choice must conform to the enterprise content. There have been relatively recent active in the domain name transactions, many Pinyin digital domain names have sold a good price, and most of these domain names have been used by some enterprises, everyone knows Unicom, telecom, mobile >

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