How did do that on the day of the station

brother is also a novice, every day, potential behind schedule, such as webmaster learning. Learned a lot of experience and skills. Today, my brother shares with me the skills we have made on that day. I was in May 2nd to do this station (back to the past sad network)! The site of the earliest content is not believed in May 2nd, you can go to see. Finish this station, I have no time to manage, after all, the entrance exam immediately. Just put it there. Until yesterday, I came to check the school, nothing to see. Check the webmaster statistics. Look at 25IP, I wonder!


is looking at all the traffic from Baidu!


recalls the day of the station:

1. Choose a good system, especially the static for SEO (I recommend DEDE because it is fast and beneficial to SEO)

2. More than five original articles or ten pseudo original articles! Novice do stand, like a copy of a lot of junk articles fill up! Brother does not suggest this practice. Baidu, this insect likes the unique food! Good thing eats many times also can be bored! (when making false original, as early as possible same article does not want more than three! Personally thinks this is very important),

3. Why don’t you even want to think carefully about your content, then the original spider, it will not immediately know your station?. How to do it? Or even outside the rich do good, even go to buy a few high weight friendship connection! We poor people only hard point. To send a post (posting skills, here will not say) to go to the post, it is recommended to go behind the novice column, novice column hair! I tried here are spiders (Baidu long Ambassador): the effect is very good. General hair end spider can sweep again!!


above is the younger brother that day, the station that day included basic method! There is the wrong place, please point it out to me.. I’m a super vegetable bird. Master

laughed at!

PS: I feel stand to do is do attitude, attitude is everything! By

in contributions!

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