A confused webmaster’s painful experience

, the Allied death squads, was the first game I came into contact with, and it was 01 years before the first edition was released, when I was at university. At that time I could not afford to buy a computer, a dormitory was a computer, we opened the computer class is to learn some WORD office software, so I was not interested in the computer at all. Suddenly one day, dorm buddies from the city to engage in some computer game CD, CS, red alert and I love commandos


game scene now vaguely remember clearly, and then do not say this game, to the subject!


for game enthusiasts favorite, inadvertently by the end of 01 met online in a sell plug-in legend, then the plug-in concept, can help people to play, and who played well, to see the money, I became an agent, then every day to run the cafe, see there are people playing the game to sell, because the sale of a 50 Commission, who play the game so much, 150 pieces of a special plug-in to sell, when business is good day to sell 10. A few hundred dollars a day, really, as a college student, I’m satisfied, satisfied, rich, rich,


to 02 years, because the plug-in author out of things, coupled with other powerful plug-in is also more, my plug-in business is slowly yellow. No money or too, so I desperately looking for some money online in the shadow, a chance to see the PW website, many servers, from the website not low advertising I think it should make a good, so the Internet to download several versions, then as in the cafe, you have no computer, especially convenient debugging, but after two weeks of torment, finally replace the IP, modify the configuration, so familiar, so busy rent a server on-line test, then the first PW my website is also on the line, with a free two level domain name. 9126 application, (as if still also provides free application, this guy is so long, I didn’t fall) PW on the line, the result is really good, open area, open service, brush equipment, anyway, always busy, the lesson is not to a few friends, the understanding of the Internet using a do the daily income also increased, 2000 days there, then tired, sleep for 2 day, 3 hours, but really full, (probably because of money).

because there is no time to spend money, 02 years saved nearly 100 thousand silver, really did not expect.

to 03 years, good times don’t last long, because the fight intensified, the server every two or three days were seized, other professional SF more and more people, and my course is linked to the N section, then gave up a SF life, started a normal university life. Been mixed up for 04 years.

graduated, I went to a software company, is responsible for the development of the ASP, a 1500 month salary, do a little, but not much work experience only will mix, you may ask, why not make money fast it? I think so, but.

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