Grassroots network entrepreneurs must learn to accumulate steadily

thick product: to accumulate a large amount of money. Save more and release it slowly. Everywhere on the Internet there are grassroots webmaster figure, grassroots webmaster team is becoming more and more large, and this team of impetuous gas is becoming more and more concentrated.

talked with a webmaster friend in Xi’an the day before yesterday, and learned a lot from him. He talked about the grassroots webmaster very impetuous, indeed, one day the Internet to see certain stationmaster only junior middle school education, but through the rich network, become a Party grassroots hero. Think of yourself as a high school graduate or even a bachelor’s degree. Others can succeed, and why can’t you succeed?. So, ambitious to join the grassroots Adsense team, the first day to buy space domain name, second days to download a source code online, boil all night, a site so born. Third days to get up and open the Baidu SITE, refresh ceaselessly, still do not see a reaction; hear Links can improve the PR value, plus a dozen crazy crazy webmaster QQ group, send a message, "the station wanted Links, intends to PM me, no one PM, the link was not found, but was to kick out a lot of the group manager; heard to send the Admin5 web site can increase the chain, with the suddenness of a thunderbolt to find a dozen articles online, half an hour all published, editor of the spirit moved, keep a, because the chapter did not show home, also is the old article, see fewer people, fewer people are reproduced, the chain is not increased; and that many articles Admin5 are worth learning, non-stop to go there to see the article, so after more than a month, in a number of senior expert articles Under the guidance, all of a sudden in a night, suddenly realized that their station positioning problems, there is no future.

holds the idea that "persistence is victory", re applying domain names, finding source code, re standing, and recurring. Six months later, the site did a lot, together, IP less than 100, time to toss about, and did not earn a penny. In the middle of the dead of night, light a cigarette, look at the computer screen, heart waves, meditation for a long time, suddenly throw away the cigarette. Open Notepad, write your first original article, the title is "personal Adsense sad history", do stand half a year without a penny." On the second day of Admin5’s release, I saw many friends pumping up their confidence.

is going to buy the domain name again……

see the friend here, if feel that the knife mentioned above conforms to your actual situation, might as well stop first, don’t rush to buy the domain name. Friends, this time you can turn off the computer, always tidy up the unmade bed, the long sweep to sweep, and then with a long time no contact with family and friends to call a peaceful and greet their situation, and then a hot bath and asked friends to go play ball, no to accompany his girlfriend for a long time to go shopping, what to eat a meal……


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