Differential analysis and location of classified information

has been analyzing and thinking about how the local classification information should be done. Where is the success of the information supermarket in Nantong hotline? Is it successful? How should the Nantong life network (www.0513.cc) develop?

The difference of

! Has actually been in differentiation, also to do, but our differences in how to do? I seem vague Oh, tidy yourself here! Clear the mind, and everyone

!Who is

1. alienated from


differentiation must have an object, Nantong life network (www.0513.cc) differentiated object is the local competitors: Nantong hotline information supermarket, then we will analyze his strengths and weaknesses;

advantages: (1) Telecom hosting, with credibility, government brand background; the inherent advantages of network operators;

(2) large amount of data, large amount of users, according to my estimate, the amount of IP per day is about 40 thousand;

(3) property information, trading information is large, many are real.

disadvantages: (1) the information is very chaotic and fills a great deal of intermediary information

(2) cannot query

in detail

(3) does not have a dedicated customer service (if someone calls on a phone number to send information, it is very sad, can not find anyone to delete)

(4) information is based on the majority of property information (is this also a disadvantage?)

(5) user experience is not very good,

(6) has no offline activity,

2. zoom differential key

has found the strengths and weaknesses of our opponents. We should take advantage of them when we catch up with him,

(1) to solve the problem of information chaos, is good classification, selection, function must be complete, especially the search; (such as real estate, we can according to the price, area, area, location, and so on to screening) it will greatly shorten the time required for customers looking for information, so as to improve the user experience;

(2) customer service, leave a phone call, very necessary, one is convenient for customers, two is to listen to the customer’s voice, the evaluation of your site!


(3) of his real estate information, real estate information that he had the advantage of that! Let’s think of other types of information, I think here is the "job information"; this is a classification of a very large amount of information, and according to the letter, the customer is obvious, it is easy to promote recruitment can be a lot of hair (send cards or promotional pages, the effect is not small Oh!!!)

read this 3 point! We should find the key! 1, 2 of the two seems to be a must! The 3! This is a breakthrough, it should focus on Tendency of recruitment information, promotion focus on recruitment, we know that the recruitment is primarily for students just entering society or migrant workers they, "

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