Game user experience creative thinking


recently in contact with some of the game information station, a study found that a lot of new things, have to say the industry. Compared with the enterprise station have more fun, feel good fun, the game itself to the main entertainment, so the small C briefly talk about how to make the game information stand in the user experience to do more innovation.

game stand generally to the articles, pictures and video assisted websites, main content: introduction and skills, or some other means of cheating, involving all aspects of any customer needs is our pursuit.

innovation core: interaction and recommendation (extreme interaction design and the most accurate and accurate recommendation)

show form: comment system, matching system, ranking system, shopping mall system, game trading system,

function: player points display, player submission and other

one, game temptation: beauty show

this is the focus of the game business speculation, but the real acme of almost nothing. General form of beauty speculation games, beauty interviews and beautiful women gossip mito.

game beauty interview feature page

this one before I contact a lot, such as the Dragon Valley to RO3, in fact every popular game will have such a special beauty interview, popularity is not high, the main line of the game show a real show, any game player will rush…… So why is this topic page popular? The reason is

1, true, beautiful, intimate is the core, which is also one of the reasons for the success of the broadcast live

2, everyone has such a goddess or male god, chess game itself is a social, eager to make friends

3, a game that needs the goddess, and also needs fans. It’s another kind of health,

has a special interview with the goddess goddess bound authentication system, any game can be used as a goddess, chess, playing a XX game, and in which area, IDXX, photo as follows, then the user viscosity natural made not to


below is the family tour system (small C thinks individual improvements, implementation or very good PS: reject Simon)

beauty, gossip, seduction,

this is a show, beauty is the basic graph and H graph has a certain visual impact but lack of viscosity, because these images are not true or not exist in the game, so just let people excited about this alone, the amount of show is also a means of stimulation (here C think of these customers to update in order to achieve the best effect of


two, game list Top10

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