Domain name investment positioning can not leave the basis for network development and user aspirati

domain name is the Internet investment investment in the form of a mature way of investment, the investment domain has developed for 10 years in China, but the investment domain is hot or start in Tianmao network domain, but also from that time began to countless stationmaster into this industry investment domain, thus a large number of domain names, domain name city Shuangpin domain names have been registered, creative, and domain name investors if you want? If your domain name has value, whether attractive? This is actually the foundation of domain name investment.

when it comes to our domain name investment must first locate the domain analysis, that our investment domain is based on what basis, is based on shopping websites or tourist sites, city website? So the domain name investment position must not be able to leave without network development and user basic psychological needs, if you when the investment domain ignores these two points, then your domain name might not be able to be acquired, then you are wasting the domain name registration fee and renewal fees, so today the emphasis of our analysis is how to do domain name positioning network development foundation and the psychological needs of users.

first investment domain based network development, the pace of development of the Internet is showing a leap development, I believe the future of the Internet will be more and more industries, we all know that the rise of a large number of dating sites, dating sites, this is a drop from the clouds, when the new industry for years, and will be born the new industry has created a large number of domain name investment, such as treasure net, intimate network and so on, these domain name investors may be pocketed hundreds of thousands of times the cost of domain analysis, so we should do a good job based network development when the domain name investment. It can be analyzed from the development trend of the Internet, it can be very clear to tell you, the future trend of development of the Internet is definitely to the development trend of e-commerce, the Internet is also way forward toward the highway Internet, so investment in some business domain name is in line with the future development of the Internet based.

look at the Internet domain name investment the voice of the user, the user demand has been driving the development of the Internet, the Internet industry is basically for customer service, so that we in the domain name investment must not ignore the user’s psychological requirements, should be from the user’s actual situation, starting from the industry users now, the social division of labor is getting smaller, born out of many industries, each industry has different business needs of users, we can exploit the novel from these industries such as QQ related domain name, domain name is worth mining, QQ now has at least the user memory, if you select the domain name is just the Tencent after the investment domain, then you have a great return shortly before the acquisition of QQ is not a Myqq domain name, This is the acquisition from user needs. Now the domain name should be from the user needs, the requirements of the domain name to be remembered by users, connectivity is relatively strong, so that your domain name has potential for development.


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