Dai Renguang under the new record system personal Adsense will go from here

recently wrote an article about the article "a record filing website posted, look at why you failed to record", thought that the reason for the failure of a summary record, that is not a problem, I did not expect the new filing system launched this post complete failure. The new filing system has increased the number of photos taken, and then there should be photos everywhere, but also to increase the responsibility of access providers, the site should pass three checkpoints audit. From a certain extent, it does regulate the domestic site, but the intensity of the blow, let the domestic circle in fear and panic, because the record is not clear, there is a risk of closure of the site at any time. Especially some are doing BBS, do blog, do SNS, do mall webmaster, especially worried about their next step how to walk. Then, the new filing system specific details have not yet come out, we also do a bold prediction, about the introduction of the new filing system, the future of the webmaster will go from here.

long-term development of the formal site, or the use of domestic host, comply with domestic policy

to do the long-term development of the site, since it is a domestic site, it is necessary to comply with the provisions of the domestic, we still do Chinese who call to station, to learn about the policy, under the same policy, it is also a starting point to start, perhaps you can better grasp some good policies more favorable to the development of you the website, personal webmaster will not always like self-employed, at home, may also often run out of government agencies, as long as these policies are stable, can let individual stationmaster occupy a space for one person, protected for a long time, stop doing business friends, it is a good thing, or always feel there is something in hung, the webmaster occupation is also very difficult to be accepted by the public, now the country to a position, I think for a long time the website business friends, is worth more than After all, the development of the company, but still have access to many government departments, this rule, that rule is also a lot.

small sites, interest sites, garbage sites began to emigrate abroad,

may just work to do a small site, satisfy the requirements of interest, or a large area of the site, a construction of hundreds of thousands of sites, hobbies, no need to go out often busy filing things, affecting the normal life of work and study, some do stand group of friends to be more in order to record tired. So these owners may transfer a large area to go abroad, I also have a lot of small sites that are already in the super vision data host South Korea, to the long-term development of the site, such as the Taobao 28 street, super station will be placed in the home, go to the study of national policy, how to look at the most favorable to the development of the website. My blog is currently in China, and later, if you are in trouble, you will choose to go to korea. With regard to the choice of foreign virtual host, the American host has no need to speak. Everyone knows that the speed of American hosts is generally slow in china. In Korean hosts and Hongkong hosts (of course, Hongkong hosts don’t count foreign hosts), because many people think it’s fragrant

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