Baidu K station after the re included experience summary

about May, my secretarial chowder network by Baidu K, the beginning of a station, suddenly from over 5000 at no hard work, no show, all of a sudden from the bustling become information islands, dismal mood I want to be the webmaster K have the experience. Happy is in late October 12th, Baidu beauty again, suddenly grabbed my more than 4000 page, site, the kind of well-being by born however, six months, I came out of the shadows.

review these six months, I reflect on, summed up the re collected experience for webmaster reference:

one insists on originality. In a word, insist that every day I have to add one or two original articles, more time, can increase 20, this is the need to adhere to the endurance and perseverance, for six months, so long do not see what results, first family did not agree, is not no money flow ah, what meaning? There is a psychological, my heart was thinking: why do I stick to the original so many days, how Baidu is not included? Psychological enemy will jump out from time to time. Once confidence is lost, the result will be terrible. Many webmaster Baidu K station, two or three months is not included, anxious for corn, but this is actually a Baidu The loss outweighs the gain. behavior, as in the past, is very smart, your tactics do not let Baidu see through, hurriedly change this for that, always do not do is not strong.

two is on the Webmaster Station, see some summary article, draw lessons from people experience, so we new webmaster can less take some detours. China’s astronauts have gone to heaven. Why do we lose less than Russia and the United States? That is, China has learned the road that Russian and American predecessors have taken, and it is very important for us to sum up the experience. In May, at the time I was depressed, I saw an article in stationmaster net and learn a lot of knowledge, a station network, has been attracted the experience, I started his own website, is really in the journey, do not know how much risk, do not know what to do and what not to do sometimes, a step in the wrong, will have to pay the cost of a few months.

three is a summary of his two turnovers. The feelings of Baidu is love and hate, hate. A network, no one guide, how to get what you want to, can be said to be no tricks. The two time I was the cause of the K, the first one is because the keyword optimization, optimization is excessive, the billboard, so I told the rookie webmaster, that should not be done, an article can be done two thousand IP, but Baidu second days will K off you. The second time is May, I suddenly add 60 articles about the rules and regulations of the article, because these articles are certain secretarial regulations, the end is the same pattern, so it is considered cheating, by K, in fact I know is injustice, but also do not have method, Baidu has a set of system are you going to meet him, and not to change what he, after all we are not large, such as Tao treasure station, rich and powerful, can do TV ads bombing, natural flow, but small long money.

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