A5 set up a bridge of credibility for the owner’s trade

      mention stationmaster net Admin5, the netizen of general likelihood is not familiar, did not hear even at all. But in the vast majority of small and medium-sized webmaster in this group, this name is known as webmaster. Admin5 aims to provide a wide range of consulting and communication platforms for grassroots Internet users – small and medium owners. Here, almost all over the country more than 90% of small and medium-sized Adsense, as well as IDC merchants and advertising alliance. All the resources here the webmaster can almost find what they want, including the site SEO optimization experience, knowledge, experience planning guidance, Wangzhuan, all the latest news on the internet. There are problems, the webmaster network. Has long become the consensus of the vast numbers of stations. Admin5 and the webmaster formed a two-way communication platform, the webmaster not only understand the latest industry news, also have a communication and promotion of their place. Not only to benefit webmasters, but also to promote the development of Admin5 itself, and now Admin5 has become a leader in the class site.

, and another feature of Admin5 is its professional powerful platform for trading owners. Along with the extension and development of the network, all kinds of online transactions emerge as the times require. The transaction is different from Taobao webmaster personal trading platform, it is the webmaster transactions between the domain name, website sale, sale, sale of art service station, program source code, this is a huge market, but also contains a lot of business opportunities. But if there is no standard management, and security reputation intermediary, Adsense transactions will be in a state of confusion. Www.admin5.com will bring together the webmaster, these webmaster in understanding all kinds of information at the same time, also want to own website, domain name for sale. Admin5 provides them with a good platform: a dedicated Trading Forum, www.bbs.admin5.com/. This can be described as the owner of the transaction erected a bridge.

through numerous transactions test, Admin5 formed its own unique intermediary process, Trading Forum has accumulated a great deal of credibility, the amount of transactions completed by intermediary each month is more than one thousand. What means credibility means Admin5 transaction safe and efficient means of Admin5 transaction credibility and authority, the credibility is not Admin5 prides itself out, but from personal success in Admin5 trading webmaster mouth. Through this reputation built bridges, Admin5 attracted more webmasters, webmasters also increasingly trust Admin5 transactions.

with the unremitting efforts of the king and Admin5 staff, the Trading Forum is becoming more and more popular. And behind the times, the Webmaster Station, these have trading platform webmaster website compared to, Admin5 trading forum hot in the end what is the reason? I want to have the following three reasons.

deals with a high success rate of

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