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talked about the optimization of the website can not only know the promotion and SEO technology, the data analysis is also used as a SEOer personnel the necessary skills, when a site in the operation process, to grasp the new trend of the operation effect of the industry or competitors at this time would be on site for data analysis, from the data to understand the website operation effect, from the data to understand the real needs of users, to grasp the dynamic change of users, adjust and optimize the strategy that can optimize the site effect at any time, to improve the website keyword ranking, improve the user’s conversion, can be said to do data analysis is to adjust the site optimization strategy of the vane, is to understand the real needs of the user index. In order to make people understand its importance more clearly, the author takes the website which is optimized at present about the sale coffee machine as a case to explain in detail.

The author thinks that the so-called

data analysis is a complicated and demanding one thing, why do you say that? Maybe some webmaster can have such doubt, in the view of data analysis can be understood as two aspects: analysis of 1. soft data. 2. rigid data analysis. Such as: to research and analyze the competitors and to prepare the statistical data, to do keyword analysis also need to prepare statistical data, to the needs of the users is studied in the preparation of this website, if we really want to do, not only to be very familiar with the industry, but also need a lot of theoretical knowledge to guide deep understanding of consumer behavior and psychological analysis of this I think that is soft data. "Note: for the analysis of the article said the data is divided into two aspects is only my personal understanding, not on behalf of the public if the identity of the webmaster friends to praise" for the analysis of soft data mentioned here, the author will come to share with you the so-called hard data analysis on the role of SEO. I think it is the so-called hard data analysis results show, through a very intuitive data such as: webmaster friends often focus on IP, PV, UV and the traffic statistics show: other data such as the user time and the user through the search keyword to the website what. What is the effect of a SEO on a web site by analyzing the data? See the following breakdown.

1. Website IP data analysis

The number of IP

of a website is every webmaster to pursue, but also can be said to be the ultimate goal of second < every webmaster pursuit; note: I think the first is the ultimate goal of the conversion rate of > we all know that the IP number of the higher conversion rate is greater, but also shows the popularity of this a website, gives users a good experience, which is directly proportional to the relationship, so the general daily analysis data when the first look at the amount of IP, believe that other webmasters is also so.

two. Website PV data analysis

called P V is the number of pages a user browses through a web site. Simply speaking, it is the user’s browsing depth. If a website has a high PV view, the stickiness of the site is shown

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