College webmaster must see our way out of English station

, this article was written on January 2009, 00:00. First of all, I wish you all the best of new year’s day.

last time in Admin5 wrote a college student Webmaster: abandon one-sided, dig yourself, many friends asked me how to dig myself, here and everyone simple share, play a role in attracting jade.

now many students are beginning to start a website, but I feel half should not find the right direction, the direction of our people in this age group is particularly important, a good direction is not only promising, but also accumulated valuable experience for you (this is your future competitiveness), can give a simple example: if a friend made an entertainment station, and every day to update their site, fill it with original content, the final results have achieved good results, with a steady flow and certain income. We can see, this friend is considered to be the success of the webmaster, but his future is unknown. As a personal webmaster, most of them are in their own update site, it will spend a lot of time, so there are many students fail the exam we get income, at the same time, more likely to lose. Perhaps some people will say, how do you know my website no prospects, maybe I’ll get a VC venture, but really we can not afford to gamble, as the home of the mobile phone that site can be said to be one in a million.

ha ha, said how a little pessimistic?. Enter today’s theme, English station.

said that college students should be English speaking for three reasons.

first, this is a good direction. As you all know, English is very important in the job market. You have English ability and professional knowledge, and it’s easy to know how to build a website in English and find a job. Do English website, is to exercise your English ability of a good place, assuming Google included your 1000 original article, ha ha, your English ability should be no problem. You may ask me four did not do? I can tell you that English ability is actually a rapid progress for people English basis points, see key dynamic problems may make you (write an English class four finished yet difficult, but let you write an article for you you should bring the flow of the station is dynamic).

second, the environment we are in is very favorable to us. The building you can find many classmates to help you complete English station (perhaps as long as you send a post, immediately in the dining room and you find like-minded people), students never lack of entrepreneurial passion, believe them! And with them to improve their English level.

third: it’s promising to be an English teacher. English station price is very high, if there is a certain flow, income is considerable, a certain amount of capital accumulation, then you can go to business, or recruiting team, to continue to build English station down, now the country has.

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