s the forum hard to do

recently sees people holding forums that are hard to do,

brothers are a bit stupid, and the current understanding is difficult for the forum, that is to say, the site is easier to do.

I want to say is that they are an interface platform a storage information browsing, there is a little different, now also gradually assimilated, that you see the forum posts to express your feelings, but you see on the website Kanla, there are more ideas you only can go back and write in your blog.

, but now more and more websites add comments / messages to the article, such functions, in fact, I feel that this is already very close to the forum. The only difference is that you can’t make your own subject.

said the forum is difficult to do, because every time you are online to see you this forum founder and some loyal tourists show here, there is probably a lot, but to see the statistics when the tourists are dumbfounded, the original is a spider.

, is it difficult for websites to be? Is it true that the eyes are not static? But the same thing is that when you go to the statistics, IP is not much better than the forum.

what I want to say is that the forum is difficult to do, in fact, is a heart problem, I feel that the forum is the place to post, but I do not bother to post, always want to members to send.

but the static under heart, you are lazy to go to the creation of the world of the post / members have why to post? No post is not included, not included no people, more is not to see more people to get lazy. A vicious spiral!!!!!


with content, a large number of members, there will be a problem than the site is difficult to deal with ““““““`

that’s how you deal with the conflicts between members and members. If you don’t do well, you lose a large number of members. Here, generally think that the forum is now finished, pull!!!


no, you have content, you can keep updating, you can come to IP!


no, just members’ replies “““

was saying how your site is


also has one, who says the forum can not send the article? You send the article on the website to the forum, and he has no replies (at least in the early stage of the forum is like this) ““`

as long as you have the content of the forum, that is, he came to the forum does not register, you also get a ip.

excuse me, other people go to your website to read the article, it is possible to register, and then send a few posts (most likely spam), I say this is or those who go to his forum to play. Read a post and sign up or reply >

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