How to do a good job of domain name security



this article is feeling, recently because of a friend of the owners of domain name and space is the space stolen, causing a hard operation to Baidu 6 of the weight of the site was stolen, webmasters, stolen more than traffic and money, and has been accompanied by net station insist on heart and sweat in the middle of the night is still the hair of the chain of work, people can not help. Therefore, the security of the domain name that is so important, we inform you the webmaster do not hard but refuse agents below to introduce the work, how to choose the domain name registrar security.

first point, do not register domain name in Taobao

when you are a novice, may not know too much of the domain knowledge, may choose a domain name to Taobao and other places, the reason is of course the above price is cheap, but very responsible tell you, do not covet the domain name registration ten dollars cheaper, the general price is 50-60 yuan registered later, while the value of the domain name to the future is limitless, Taobao is generally carried out by the agents on behalf of the registered, so you are not the only registered domain name domain name management, and if you want to transfer out of domain name, agents. This is a thankless thing, therefore, will increase your transfer procedures in the invisible, the first domain name registered as the agent refused to give the transfer code, so give up.

second, select the best top-level domain registrar

Here is a kind of

specially attacked the Registrar, and the new network is two civilink top-level domain registrar, but because of its innumerable agents it is recommended that you do not choose the platform, they registered the domain name, if you don’t go through the network of agents and new network registration directly to their website registration, so the price is relatively relatively high. For the domestic top-level domain registrar, the author recommended the love net (, amber network (, name ( for registration and renewal price is relatively moderate, the registered account fill in the template can directly register a domain name, the operation is quick, the only management authority and have the domain name (of course is in do illegal station the case, most of the domain name) is in the three house registrar’s, then the DNS is changed to DNSPod, almost does not have what error.

third, whois mailbox information,

agents in the registered account mailbox is not the same with the whois mailbox, the mailbox if inconsistent, if your whois mailbox has been cracked, so as to prove your account will crack, which caused the domain name theft. Also recommend setting the mailbox mail account password and password protection, complex binding mobile phone, try to do any mail can charge at any time, prevent the occurrence of special circumstances.

is not recommended here

last point, if done >

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