How should the webmaster use the butterfly effect to do nternet Marketing


mentioned the butterfly effect, many friends talked about Wikipedia and knew what the butterfly effect was. There was a butterfly effect under the encyclopedia. But what we are talking about today is not the movie in the video, but one of the forms that originated from this chaotic system is called the butterfly effect. So what is the butterfly effect? Here, I’ll explain to you what the butterfly effect is. Then according to this principle, this principle is put forward by Edward, he explains is: a butterfly flew towards the sky, then accidentally fanned two wings, a long time will lead to a very distant place resulting in a storm. This is called the butterfly effect, that is, the chain reaction.

said, "I’d like to ask you a question," he said. "Since the butterfly’s wings are so small, it can incite so much wind and cause a storm somewhere.". Or say a butterfly in the Amazon jungle, blowing its wings, can lead to a tornado in a state zone. This is there? This is just a joke, that is to say that it is just a theory, if the use of the theory of knowledge, the use of the Internet, it will be a phenomenon of what


then a share, why it has so much energy? Right? I don’t know if you have not seen the 08 years and a movie released in Chibi "09 years"? I believe that we have seen. The movie has a soul stirring scene is about a baguazhen designed by Zhu Geliang, the gossip, I really appreciate him, this is the gossip let Cao lost a lot of war. Then there is the fire ship that day, then this can be said to be more vivid interpretation of the butterfly effect. Why? Because in the fire ship in this section is because a small chain leads to the key to the success of the final. Isn’t it? That is to say, the fire ships why Zhu Geliang and Zhou Yu would think of the fire ship plan? He was borrowed from the east. Of course, this movie is about telling the butterfly effect. It’s so powerful. That is to say, if you don’t handle it well, if you don’t use it well, it will lead to your failure. That’s what it means. In fact, it’s on the alert, too. We’re talking about the butterfly effect on the Internet. We need to make a rainy day. From the front side he also said it is told Cao if you want to play in the water, but you can never play to the fire. Right? That is to say after you have a water fight, can’t fight. If you change for us, that is to say, one of your little decisions will lead to the end of a country. The above is an analogy, for everyone to tell you what is the butterfly effect. That is to say for us, as we live in gambling, you even have no, you want to go back. So, by this event, it tells me >

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