Can the virtual host evaluation network test the space

is not easy to find a good space, searching, found may still not satisfied.

domestic space hosting market is chaotic, good and bad. Buy host, space needs to be very careful, space advertising overwhelming, but the integrity seems not much, the quality of service seems to be not much. Low prices to attract eyeballs, and either may be used. The quality is really good, maybe the price is another threshold. How to purify the space trading market, so that more Internet users to find a Cheap Host, we call the self-discipline of space providers, but also calls for the credibility of the host evaluation website. Where there is demand, there is market. Many virtual host evaluation websites emerge as the times require. There is no denying that the evaluation of the web site by the virtual host has made some reference for the users in choosing the virtual host, but the real authoritative evaluation network hasn’t appeared yet.

current assessment website has the following shortcomings: first, simply rely on net clicks and simple comments to judge the credibility of fraud, simple, lack of credibility. Second, the host space of fierce market competition, all kinds of support in the evaluation of online crunching, competitors in the above random attack each other, many users are deceived, no substantive judgment. Third, the assessment site in order to profit, not investigation and verification, the money will be placed space commercial advertising, money on false recommendation. The evaluation value of the evaluation website has not been played out, and the evaluation has lost its value.

recently station fresh space trading website although to a certain extent but to prevent fraud prevention, is only the most simple liar money run away, taking anti rotten space, poor service. The host has just launched trading network I is happy and worried, as a trading model that although there is a certain significance, but did not play a substantial role in anti fraud. Look at the comments on the host computer now, and you’ll know that most of them are still victims.

how much hard-earned money dashuipiao, how much energy is taking over. We strongly call for the establishment of a truly credible website to provide space for people to buy. What is the real evaluation website more valuable? Truly have the credibility of the evaluation website I think should solve a key problem is to establish more reasonable and more scientific and believable evaluation mechanism (new ideas for the evaluation of network development). Evaluating a space is good or bad. You can’t just click and chat. A simple compliment or abuse, especially without reference. Whether it is praise or curse, so that users to provide evaluation basis. The evaluation can be based on the QQ dialogue between the buyer and the customer service. Recommend buyers to keep good chats and other relevant evidence. Yes, text or screenshots. Evaluation basis can also be website access speed, stability, etc.. For poor quality space, it is recommended that buyers through the same server web site inquiries, combined with the server’s webmaster to provide relevant basis. So, let’s blacklist the space. In this way, the evaluation is more reasonable and more valuable. In addition, since it is the assessment network, the site can not receive space money money, received advertising fees, it is recommended as a good space. >

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