Webmaster why didn’t you accomplish anything

I am a webmaster who has not done a successful website. So far, I don’t have a website that can get good results. Looking back on a part-time job on a successful website, I got some inspiration.

may be like many webmaster. I’m still a college student. Although I’m a senior now, I haven’t given up my job as a webmaster.

long ago that now relatively large source download station and I was also in Kunming (not I agree not to disclose, but certainly 70% of all over the network), so I take the initiative to contact him, he said I want to go there to work, learn something. Then he found his office and was surprised that he was doing it alone and rented a formal office to work with, even though it was shared with the other two. I asked him why, he said, because at home, I could not work at ease. I would like to sleep for a while and wash my clothes or something. I have a lot of feelings about it. Now many people are at home. Maybe we haven’t noticed that what restricts us is that we can’t concentrate on our work.

started, he gave me a revision of his website under the College Edition template work. To tell the truth I feel confident to listen to him, although the system using a wooden wing, never used, but now feel like CMS templates are similar, should look at the tutorial and the official handbook can control it by the.

back, I rented a single room for the school teacher and moved in to do it wholeheartedly. The first night, I worked until 4 in the morning and second in the morning at 2. Finally, the home page is probably worked out. After looking at him, he said yes, that is, to change all the JS calls to inclued, so as not to affect the speed. My machine is built with APMSever environment, check a lot of information before the environment to support this statement. He said, let me know more about the server’s knowledge, I also found that I do not understand the server, ashamed.

the next work are becoming more and more difficult to do, the wooden wing download station, station information system is a commercial version of the unique, many functions and tags have no detailed explanation to the effect of the boss is always difficult to achieve the ideal. Time goes by day. I spend less and less time every day. Finally, the boss QQ and I said how not nervous, and asked me if I was lazy. At first I was a little angry, after all, I was very hard for a few days, and stayed up for almost a week. Then, after a careful thought, I was really lazy. I apologized to him on QQ, and then said I quit my job and contacted him.

well, in the end, I still failed, but I still didn’t succeed.

now recalled that he was really impetuous, just as he said the first day when he came to him. He used to look for a few young helpers, but he didn’t hold on. And what about him? A man has been doing this for 3 years

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