Rookie Hao Xiaoqi a year of experience and experience sharing

So far

success in the SEO industry circles mix for a year, in this year from his fur kid SEO to SEO and then by rookie bottleneck step by step to improve their ability, and the hardships he is visible before the eyes. I Hao Xiaoqi has been doing optimization and promotion of small and medium enterprise website, done in the hands of the website no less than 50, which has had mixed success, today I rookie Hao Xiaoqi SEO ( to share and share their own step by step " crawl & quot; experience and habits.

the habit I’m developing now is that once I get to my new station, my first reaction is to check out the site:

1. website source code, whether it is DIV+CSS?. Because everyone knows, now spiders for DIV+CSS is relatively easy to crawl crawl.

2. check the home page section of the website. Home page is updated driver, that is, the so-called update list, because we all know that the site needs to be updated, and updates need to be reflected, so that spiders know.

3. home page content, pictures, JS and so forth. We all know that spiders crawl and grab the code and content of the site, and JS is not recognized by spiders.

Some basic information about the

site is also available, so then I’ll start with some resources related to the outside links of the site. We all know that the predecessors left behind the "chain for the emperor" reason, so the external links of the site is indispensable. I’m so collecting web site resources: according to the web site keywords in Baidu search, and then find their website competitors, check their domain, looking for the release of the chain of platform, web site. Since their competitors website can increase their outside chain through this platform or website, so our website is it not. Then I summarize some in like 58 city, people network, business network, edeng, such as everyone knows the weight of hurry up 8 high B2B website. So on their own web site of the chain of resources, information is basically completed.

web site outside the chain of resources with data after, and then for the optimization of the integration of the site. The optimized integration in the station is that we need to integrate our website into its appetite according to the appetite of the search engine and let it like us. Here, I will simply introduce to you, introduce the website, optimize several steps:

1., first you have to determine the site’s TDK, which is the title, keywords, and description of the site.

The use of the ALT tag H1 H2 H3 on the

2. site.

Map making of

3.. Website.

4.404 error page making.


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