Talking about the operation of grass roots novel under the changeable background of Baidu

more than 10 years of development, especially the rapid development of this year, the Internet has become a very mature industry; while the threshold is more and more low, so many independent individuals can also use some open source program to build their own website. And ordinary people do it either to make money, to interest, or to make money or interest. In some large areas that have been completely occupied by giants, we can make a lot of money. It seems that the opportunity for our grassroots webmaster to kill is very slim. In some small areas, some of our grassroots websites still do very well, and still reflect the value of their existence.

today I share with you is the novel website operation, the novel station can be said to be a lot of grassroots spring, although today we say little, but fiction website has indeed become a large Internet website, novel related topics concern has always been very high. As a grassroots website, the entrance of new users is basically imported from outside the station, and a large part of it is through the search engine. Baidu accounts for nearly 70% of the country’s search market, so many grassroots networks are very keen on the performance of their web sites in the results of Baidu search. And since last year, Baidu has always changed the ranking algorithm, and constantly optimize their own rules, and because Baidu is a giant, so many small sites must also make adjustments in its framework. A lot of people say that Baidu is always under the pressure of 360 competitors, but we don’t seem to change anything. We just have to adapt to the internet.


Although Baidu

in constant adjustment, such as what Scindapsus algorithm, algorithm, algorithm second version of Scindapsus pomegranate and so on, and these changes may make many sites bear huge losses, and some have even been uprooted by Baidu. But no matter how to change, these giants change is to further enhance the user experience, all in order to enhance their competitiveness. Of course, maybe these giants are doing may damage the interests of small owners, for instance the original spark program, but in fact many people complain about their own website in the original hard article, but Baidu is not included, and when submitting their articles to the article is a news portal. The quality is good, but it is not your site as the original site of the paper; of course, this "unfair" and more. But we were standing alone, is incapable of action for these "unfair", and the direction for us is still relatively equitable; so we need to do is to adapt to the environment, let oneself become strong, so we are eligible to change the environment, not only heteronomy. The author briefly describes his own business strategy for Baidu:

first, adhere to the user as God, enhance user experience. This can be said to be a commonplace topic, so there is not much space to elaborate here, because of a web

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