The site’s profit looking for key points multi faceted development cooperation and win win situat

ran the market some time ago and found a problem, the market is sleeping, perhaps frozen. Just heart jump, as long as the heartbeat, OK proved not dead.

as long as the heartbeat, we have hope, let our strength wake it up, warm melt. Maybe a person’s strength is not good, need everyone’s strength. For example, cable net of some time ago to find a few SP cooperation, is the beginning of my family to do the promotion, promotion of our songs, then finally the lump of ice melting point, but this time the need to do is SP melt. Do later development melt.

SP market is more difficult to do, this is all circles are obvious to everyone, 05 to 06 when SP is in full swing. 07 to 09, basically no one dares to face SP. Once with a SP friend chat, said some of his experiences do SP before, but now there is no way to do, I said yes, it’s just that we have no confidence, SP is a good stuff, just too hot too hot, cold or cold hand, the cooling time is too long. The cooled all dare not touch him in, all have been cooling, let us make it in the heat up, I believe that now more than ever the huge market. But often there is no confidence to do it.

therefore, the market needs of everyone, a person’s strength can only be guided. There is no way to really activate it. The activation code for each software is also set up in groups of numbers or combinations of english. The activation of the market is also so, everyone needs. I hope we can work together to activate the market.

a lot of people ask me, "Zhang, why do you do the market? Why don’t you develop something essential? Why do you adhere to this idea?"

I said, I insist the idea is a kind of change is not waiting for! Look Thoreau did not change even now network website traffic can not go up, what is the significance of the site. Do not stand is the only network not only now. The comprehensive market development that the website needs now is not, physical economy is a foundation, out of the network, nothing. The websites are 3 now. Sohu is now not CCTV mad advertising. The point of standing is what you do for the user and what they feel. Of course, the increase in traffic is on the one hand, so many people listen to songs, users also feel the spread of faster and more, but other operations are also side. This is what the meaning is, others pursue traffic, I pursue the market.

the essence of what I think is the essence of the user’s solo songs this is Thoreau resources, nature, I use to the user resources, essence of itself to the market, so the user is better between and exchange. I say the way the site is profitable is not simple advertising, and if you do, you’re a little unhappy. Many profitable markets related to you can be the basis for your profit and potential profit points.

think about the nature of your site, find the key point: what is your site’s resources, and what is related (this is "pass")

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