Novice webmaster from zero start site of the real process

, I am a novice webmaster, to do stand, just read the network, we touted the site must see dozens of articles after the beginning.

before the site, I heard that the site is very profitable, well done, a month can easily reach tens of thousands of income. He was a hot head, start looking for the domain name and the utility space, really not easy to find a good domain name, finally to registered the domain name, then buy space, because I was a personal website, then according to the online article recommended that bought a function than all but the capacity is only 100M virtual hosting space.

with the domain name and space, I started filing. For a long time, I will do a home page first put up, then do not know what CMS, but it is strange, why people say it is easy to build, a few hours or even shorter time will be able to build a website with an air of importance.

website construction articles are taught that the site must have a theme, personal website can not do too full, to a certain field, a branch to do so, will have a future. I am engaged in LINUX programming, Linux programming has many areas, I simply do a Linux rookie learning as the theme of the site. I made a few pages, I think later, this is not a user rarely visited (did not know how to find the tools flow), after all the more than 100000000 Internet users to engage in programming is not much, even less engage in Linux programming.

what type of website can have less competition many people visit? I think for several days, finally one day, inspiration, inspired by the Wenchuan earthquake, I suddenly feel the need to do a special exchange of survival skills website, from a broader perspective, can make people in the face of crisis when, to minimize casualties, from the aspects of people’s daily life, but also need to master some survival skills. At that time I checked, online survival of the few sites, so confident

I was excited by the news of the

filing. At this point I have understood what CMS is, and mastered the use of the locomotive collector and the method of website traffic statistics. Try a few CMS, collecting some things, from verycms to SS now, verycms is good, but not stable, I got a lot of work results are lost, so the use of online evaluation efficiency and function are very strong but not open source SS, SS occupy 50M space, I can space is only 50M, the heart uncomfortable ah.

I want to do the main class website, but SS provides a module, the class I chose it as the home page, but there is a little uncomfortable, locomotive free version does not support to the information in the collection of articles, I only.

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