Talk about how to increase the credibility of your site

improves credibility and allows visitors to trust your products, articles, and advertising as a key factor in improving your site’s conversion rate. The optical flow is not enough, if the flow is not able to retain visitors, let them further browse, click on advertising or sales union product, the flow of the unit will never be improved, after the site traffic, how to retain visitors, improve the reliability of the website, can be said to be a key issue facing the webmaster.

here, I according to some of my own experience, give the webmaster a few suggestions to improve the credibility of the site.

1 appearance

design of a professional and a copycat page to give people the feeling is so different, can directly affect the user’s feeling, the so-called people rely on clothes, the first impression is very important, if you are not very proficient in web design, this part of the work can be outsourced, must do a fine a template, even if the content is but do not remember page copycat, copycat in addition to exquisite pages, we must remember that the website includes several pages, pages, privacy policy page, if the address and telephone entities have added is the best.

2 certified

Now a lot of

certification, especially e-commerce, if we can add some professional certification course can greatly improve the site to professional impression visitors, trust businesses of Taobao general payment certification, as well as some of the Credit Union certification, the local Consumer Association certification and so on, in fact, have the certification is not difficult at all, many just raise some must file a copy of it, remember to get the certification after the certification of icons and links in a prominent position, it will be a lot of extra points for your website.

3 link


can and some specialized high weights of the well-known sites to exchange links, on the one hand, can improve the site in the search engine rankings, on the one hand, can give a person a kind of professional feeling, on the other hand, exchange links and a reputation for bad design and site is very desirable, in copycat websites and the garbage station is rampant today, careful selection of the chain is very necessary. In the chain is increasingly becoming a resource today, of course, the appropriate purchase link is actually a good choice.

here is the author of some of your webmaster experience sharing, welcome everyone comments and discussion, reprinted please Zhu Mingyuan address, 2010 best seller book website, link

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