Network marketing costs remain high the secret influence of conversion rate of external factors

recently found that many friends began to pay attention to the conversion rate of websites, and some people asked me about it. This is a good thing, which means that we are more professional. Here we see Yu Bo Hello issue "a friend mentioned, I was doing the training of network promotion, from the beginning of the 07 year we have been very good, but this year the website changed version (I feel better), network advertising costs have increased, but the conversion rate will be even worse, this is why, can you help me analyze it, thank you."

through this friend just leads me to the topic of "external factors" influence the website conversion rate today, in fact, the transformation of different industries and fields to site rate difference is very big, there are many factors causing this situation, many of the factors and the site itself has no relations, so the website conversion rate is not good, do not only to find the reasons inside.

first conversion not only by the website experience to decide, a lot of people before you visit the website might understand the brand and products to you, or listen to my friends said, or see your TV ads to your website directly transformed, certainly do not rule out the login to your site previously, customers tend to reject some transformation behavior, and these behaviors are often not directly related with your website.

below are several external factors that affect the site’s conversion rate

1: brand and reputation of good or bad

if visitors to your website are very familiar with your product and are familiar with your company’s brand, then they will be more likely to change their behavior. On the contrary, companies without such conditions are at a disadvantage in competition, and even if these companies have the same quality products, and even have some advantages in some way, many people will not consider it.

2: product positioning and commercialization level

Homogenization of the

industry leads to a high degree of similarity between the products offered by many competitors, so that the product itself has no competitive advantage, so that the choice of customers becomes larger, the conversion rate will be reduced.

3: seasonal

some industries have their own special peak seasons, if the off-season arrival but also draw further apart increase advertising spending, optimize the site to improve conversion rates with experience like boating needs a lot of capital flow.

4: unable to meet all customers

each visitor has a unique cultural background, income, consumer mentality and personality, the website user experience is good, it is impossible to meet all customers.

visitors may have had a different impact on them before entering your website, as Tim Ash said, "our web site is not independent."".

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