Qzoner Baidu QQ ranking space Shuangjie Extraordinaire

 :     throughout the Internet today, new things are springing up like mushrooms. QQ space station is in this golden period and condemning (in fact, scold people are some Adsense) grow up, since the QQ space station is hot, everyone on the QQ space station was constantly upgrading, today I as a regular QQ user space to talk about my understanding of the QQ space station the. The right and wrong, we own judgment.

      October 2005 university courses completed, also gave up to stay in Beijing work, back home at home alone on the site, stay for half a year, the first contact program is PW, look for free space on the Internet, set up on the altar, slowly groping for how to do stand what to do, the station slowly, their network vision, in the germination of QQ cudgel thinking space station "idea to provide the latest QQ space code for the majority of Q friends, QQ space module is the coolest, most of the QQ spatial information!" I was proud of the shining slogan. Until in April 06 I applied my own domain name, www.Qzoner.com, www.Qzoner.net, meaning "Q Q of human life", then passion is full of vitality and self-confidence, I want to catch up with veteran space station, to do on behalf of QQ new generation websites, with his strength fearless achievements today’s double Qzoner!

      QQ space born June 6, 2005, not long after I started to contact the writing mood, sad and happy together Qi, warm and Q friends on each other space to earn popularity, can be said to be their fire intense with every step I go today, no friends how those Q we have these QQ sites? The opening of the QQ space, began to engage in the QQ space, because what all don’t understand, encounter problems to Baidu or GOOGLE search problem, gradually I understand to improve the QQ space will PS and FLASH, FLASH and PS began to learn, learn gradually more, put the QQ out of the room very beautiful. At that time, I compiled all the information and released it to the QQ space station, Qzoner. At that time, young rebel, but also confused, so x sad things very much like. Qzoner fits just like a younger generation like me, and I’m proud of her. Everyone seems to feel QQ space station gold content less, in fact, that is not understanding of the QQ space station. Do a good QQ space station, are QQ space enthusiasts, not the webmaster, they just out of the QQ space like to do, FLASH and PS, as well as a particular aesthetic, the achievements of the QQ space station. This batch of stationmaster is from QQ space actually; -> FLASH-> PS-> website -> stationmaster develops. FLASH and code, and P>

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