You should learn to bring your doctrine into doing websites

you have heard that Chinese Jews are businessmen in Wenzhou. Well, yes, Wenzhou people do have a certain quality and vision. Their departments are Jews, but they are not part of them. After all, a place with celebrities, followed by famous.

Wenzhou people’s love is what ism, ISM? Ism is to see something, then put this thing to copy down, let others help you processing, then become to sell their own things, finally go their own way. This is the doctrine of bringing.


brand was born, people in Wenzhou, many people are from a small role becomes a great man. Why? Because they dare to do their ideas into the mind of the soul.

look at AOKANG shoes, he was not born a shoemaker? He has a word "profitable" no profit, who will do? Look at Yalong group leader, he is also a former Shanghai roadside inspection of copper, copper to do business, because at that time Wenzhou has just opened, just out of the economy the primary stage, his eyes at his hometown in Wenzhou, then went up the road to prosperity. Then do wire and cable business, and now because of the wire and cable industry competition, investment in real estate and other industries, and insist on the purchase of new equipment to build his copper foundation.

and it is past, and today we houshengkewei ah, two couples last year in Taobao, they open shop, then according to the girlfriend’s fashion sense, feel good, fashion, sales of large, they find a small factory, and then by Taobao to sell it, the last business bigger, the monthly income of over million, they began to build their own brand, brand route. These are real stories. Shouldn’t we be using ISM,


talked about the story, you have learned some? Ism may happen to you or your body, it requires courage and courage, the so-called: EQ, IQ, CQ, business people are the necessary conditions, and taking a more decisive role in bile.

this article is dedicated to a friend who is starting a business or a friend who wants to start a business. Hope you all have a good trip,


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