Should website construction be implemented using WEB standardized code development

as a professional Tianjin website construction and development personnel, we started from 2002 enterprise website design. The layout and performance of web pages have always been shown in tabular Table. And the form is easy to use, and it is widely used in website design. A large number of websites have been designed and made using tables.

in recent years, website design began to use a large number of WEB standardization, DIV+CSS as the code structure of the site more and more. In particular, the rise of Web2.0, a large number of emerging WEB2.0 sites using DIV+CSS for web design. Simple page design and fast access speed, refreshing feeling, greatly enriched access to user experience.

With the increasing popularity of WEB standardization, the website design of the form subject is becoming more and more inferior to

. Code structure is complex, a large number of duplicate garbage code, it is difficult to modify the generated page files large. Especially now is the search engine world, and the form structure of the web page search engine index efficiency is low, search engine ranking is poor. The DIV+CSS web code structure just solves these problems. To DIV+CSS web design, the code clear and concise, small web pages, repeated use rate, very easy to site maintenance. And more for the search engine likes, more conducive to search engine ranking optimization.

therefore, it is suggested that DIV+CSS website code structure be used for website design and construction. This way, the site is indexed by search engines, with better search engine rankings and very good cross browser compatibility.

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