Teach novice how to query reverse links

It’s easy for

to query the reverse link of the website, but there are still many people who have just come into contact with SEO, and even some webmasters are not quite sure. Here I will put some commonly used query link collection way to write out, if you are a SEO master, this article you can filter out.

reverse link has a great influence on a web site in the search engine’s performance, so many webmaster and SEO people will often pay attention to their website (sometimes competitor website) the number of backlinks, search engine query by reverse link is a relatively common, relatively simple operation the way. This article I will introduce the commonly used search engine reverse link method. (reverse links include external links and internal links. For external links and internal links, you can see the SEO related noun explanations and the SEO optimization chain)

(take www.02me.com as an example)

, first of all, YAHOO. YAHOO is currently recognized by the reverse link given reference value, this is because the search engine YAHOO is still the strongest, on the other hand it is because the reverse link data given by the comparison of all YAHOO. In addition, the reverse link given by YAHOO is arranged according to the importance of linking to a website.


directive is typically link:www.02me.com (used to find pages that contain a link)

Linkdomain:www.02me.com (used to find pages that link to a domain name)

followed by MSN. MSN provides reverse link data is more comprehensive and accurate, but also of great reference value, and its response link order is also in accordance with the quality of the link arrangement.

specific instructions, like YAHOO, link:www.02me.com (used to find pages that contain a link)

Linkdomain:www.02me.com (used to find pages that link to a domain name)

and the other one is Google. The reverse link data provided by the Google industry has been criticized as Google’s disease, known as Google, does not guarantee to provide a website links all the data. Nevertheless, also cannot explain the reverse link Google give no reference value, once saw an article called Matt, the reverse link provided by Google Google reverse link should be valued on a web site.


directive is generally link:www.02me.com

, but I sometimes use link with spaces and URLs to check, so I’ll find out more often than link:, and >

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