Stand in the embarrassed way thoughts on talent network operator

met a webmaster who came to my blog some time ago and chatted with him for a long time. I feel there are some things I can share with you, especially some of the skills of recruiting people.

at first he just wanted to ask me to chat can deliver a promotion articles in my blog, then through chat I feel the webmaster is not speculation, there are many clear siting ideas, can be said to be a clever webmaster, but unfortunately not in two years of operation what better place, the weight is not high. Since the thought of soft promotion, why not go to some other propaganda way? The other said he often do the bidding on Baidu, but I don’t agree with him on this, after all, to find a job is a line under the category, will not use the network too much to receive a reasonable effect, for the promotion of him the site, I had a few ideas.

use local print and recruitment. Issued a news release, I think that we should be. How will the news sent to some important portal or government website? This time you can take the advantage of recruitment, in fact we think every important recruitment, such as start, headhunter, 51 golden week, the graduate recruitment month, held a party or government will not invite the media to the scene the interview, to provide the corresponding release, yes, they also need to record. At this time and we can use the appropriate opportunity, at the fair after the end of the initiative to provide news release, and contribute to the local portal websites, two articles are not the same, a praise, is a combination of "speculation", the effect is very obvious.

of course continue to put some media advertising is quite feasible. Although the network is developed, we read less chance, but from my friends, many senior white-collar workers still have the habit of reading the newspaper, such advertising can achieve some publicity.

based on students to do promotion and recruitment. To do promotion, we must find a correct foothold. In addition to those in the community, the graduates of this university are also the resources we must take advantage of. Leaflets distributed at the university gate can be said to be one of the most worry free ways. Although this method is more cost effective, it is the most direct. And through the issuance of the flyers, as the recruitment website operators also actively through communication with the school, the campus for qualified enterprises can make some cooperation in-depth school recruitment, establish their own brand in the search for high efficiency at the same time further in the students.

in addition, we can do some promotion for some of the more fervent applications in the student community, such as "everybody’s station", "micro-blog", "group" and so on, so that your website can be supported by more people.

of course, the summer vacation demand for the post season can not be missed, the author himself went to school has met the human resources intermediary, part-time part-time, cold summer vacation, electronic factory, work, etc., are from a professional XX>

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