Explore the Ministry of industry to take pictures of the three methods

MIIT two provisions: "on-site photo filing regulations" and "interactive website requirements million yuan capital threshold" has become a curb the development of small and medium-sized sites "magic curse."". Many small and medium-sized website operators dispirited and discouraged, or give up the web site, or transferred to overseas. Small and medium-sized websites should be a useful supplement to China’s Internet and play an important role in active internet. However, during the anti – vice process, many small and medium-sized websites were affected. In order to completely curb illegal websites, regulators have adopted a high standard of access threshold, resulting in China’s small and medium-sized sites suffered a blow.

site photo record, that is, to increase the cost of the station, but also damage the interests of space providers. A netizen has 6 names, 6 hosts corresponding to the distribution in the field after the implementation of the record on both sides of the Changjiang River, photography, the users had to conduct a "National Tourism", but in the face of such provisions, he can only give up part of the site, the loss is inevitable. For the face of the country to carry out business space providers will face serious loss of users, because the owners in order to save money, will choose the nearest space providers, to facilitate on-site photo recording.

personally do not agree with such a provision, verify the authenticity of the website operator is necessary, but the method is not enforceable, at the expense of the website operators and space business interests in exchange for authenticity verification is under way. China has many websites, should be 3 million 800 thousand, then deduct more than one thousand large portal websites, there are millions of small and medium-sized websites, and each website contact the net friend is more can’t say clearly. Once the site operators due to stringent regulations can not continue to operate, so not only is the webmaster and millions of domestic space business, also relates to the majority of users, most of the webmaster is an announcement, put the blame on the Ministry’s stringent "Regulations", the complaint in the spread of users is difficult to avoid, is not conducive to social stability.

recently, some netizens want to submit a motion to the people’s network, saying that the communications bureau and the public security cooperation should be made to check the authenticity of the identity cards. Members of the CPPCC National Committee proposed changes to live photos for online video filing. These methods are better than on-site photography. In fact, you can also think about it, there will always be a good way.

below, I domestic small and medium-sized website operators to provide several ways for reference, may be not feasible, but I put forward, for your reference.

the first approach: the proposed domain name and space are selected overseas, this is the most direct and effective way.

readers may ask, if the relevant departments if closed do overseas website? Do not worry about, in the current opening become our steadfast policy, blocking all the overseas websites, I am afraid that the central will not agree, after all the Chinese into the Internet "island", which is contrary to the current national policy so, don’t worry. Need to emphasize here, to encourage the owners to go abroad, not to support illegal, but to safeguard the interests of the owners without injury and recommended methods. But as a legitimate citizen, we should be self disciplined and adhere to ethical norms, not overseas

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