Experience of novice station building

please forgive guies display slight skill before an expert,


first statement, I was a rookie, I stood www.hanshui.net Xiangfan Han River community is a local forum, 5.10 on-line. And I’ve been preparing for this station since April. As students, the school also busy, but also intermittent preparation. I learned the HTML language and CSS language before using it. I’m not good at it. Here, I talk about my experience so far to learn the establishment of the station, I believe that the station would like to build the rookie who will help. I have just hung up the title of rookie, and I have a profound understanding of the problems you have encountered in the process.

1. Accurate positioning, clear thinking,

forces did not move, the forage. Before the battle, to put their own food prepared, to develop a good plan. The same is true of standing. As a webmaster, you are commander in chief of the armed forces, you must first ask yourself a few questions.

1. I want to do what kind of station? Identify the direction, will not go.

2. am I familiar with the industry I do? Interest is the best teacher. That’s absolutely right.

How to return the

3. days after my station? This is the webmaster thoughtless, remember that you are not a philanthropist, so start to have their own profit model, at least the outline of mind, not step, step.

What is

4. of my competitors’ fight?. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. There is always something to learn from, and there are areas where you can easily make mistakes.

5. home page navigation module which? How many sections of the forum? This is still a lot of reference, similar sites to make a decision.

of course, the best. Don’t forget to write down these questions when you think about them. Things must be regulated from the beginning. Otherwise, there will always be problems like this.

two modaobuwukanchaigong


should be well prepared for the station, and list the tools that need to be prepared here.

1. domain name, if your station is your home, then the domain name is your home address. To apply for an independent domain name is equivalent to a residence permit for you, you are a legitimate citizen. Don’t save money for a two level domain name. A domain name is around 100, two days after the domain name brings traffic or service to others. Are you willing to sponsor


domain name registrar: several domestic China nets (www.net.cn), Xinwanghulian (dns.com.cn) Gigabit Internet (qianzhao.com) etc.. Buy the domain name: "Chinese (ename.cn) Jin Mingwang (4.cn) (micang.com)

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