Just a soft Wen let my PR from 0 to 3

is just a soft Wen, let my PR from 0 to 3, PR last update, he didn’t pay much attention to, because he did not run the website, the update PR and no hope. A few days later, when viewing the PR inadvertently, my website resource sharing network was updated to 3 from 0, surprise at the same time I maintain a calm state of mind, share personal experiences, hope webmaster friends can understand in the useful things.

during the resource sharing network did not do a lot of operational aspects of the work, the site every day just take care of it, Links or at the beginning of the construction site added, most PR is 0, occasionally a few 2-3, I also got some self-help chain, Links did so a bit of work.

soft, he wrote an article, now I know that the soft charm, Admin5 website is really a great help to many new friends, figure the king’s success to a lot of people engaged in occupation stationmaster great confidence. The last one of that soft text, although not brought a lot of traffic, but really give the site a great promotion. New sites in order to achieve a breakthrough, in addition to its own content protection, soft Wen is the best way to promote, because there are so many platforms to help you, you have no reason not to succeed, and the key is whether you go to action. Soft Wen wrote again also never mind, these are not important, I see many friends above stationmaster net writing is very general, because if this is not to write, afraid, the owners of this occupation is not really suitable for you. I saw a friend of a soft Wen for he brought 5000 outside the chain, this is how horrible data, but, this is the real fact, as long as you move, there will be only you can not think of things. Suggest you webmaster write 2-3 soft Wen a week, so that your station is very good!


PR from 0 to 3 is an accidental certainty. I think if you work hard, you will reap. Dear webmaster friends, what are you waiting for,


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