Keeping pace with the times foreign servers for domestic space providers

To say that the future network, 2008: in order to meet the Olympic Games, and the world distance, Sino US trans Pacific Express construction in Qingdao old stone beach, is expected before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games finished, the bandwidth of 5120G after the completion of the "information superhighway", in addition to the Olympics broadcast high-definition television signal to the world our people, the Internet and telephone calls will also entered the high-speed era". A total investment of $500 million to build a trans Pacific direct optical cable system. This is the world’s first submarine high speed direct optical fiber cable, the bandwidth of 5120G, more than the existing link between China and the United States submarine fiber optic cable bandwidth increased by about 31 times. The United States cable landing station is Neiduona Beach Oregon, China in mainland Qingdao and Shanghai set up a landing station, it will only Chinese instead of connecting the mainland and the United States one after a low capacity fiber in Japan, to change the current network traffic must be Chinese in Hongkong or Japan in the current situation, to solve such problems as the data transmission delay bring. When the time comes, the domestic host business will certainly have a brand-new change.

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