Domain names of those things

a domain name plays a very important role in the development of a website. A good domain name should be a good memory first, followed by a specific meaning. For example, "" China "domain name is "", we can directly input, rather than search in Baidu.

in our mind, COM domain name or in any case, Orthodox, COM domain name is still the first choice, after all, use the COM domain name is the most earliest and most widely, for a web-based companies, try to use the COM domain name, but it is for this reason that COM domain resources have been used almost and want to find a good domain name is very difficult. If you can’t find it any better in com, consider cn.

our enterprises should protect their own domain name, the domain name is com if the malicious registration of domain name, he will come to our website, wait until you are familiar with the COM domain, we may need to use a large price to acquire the domain name back.

The history of

Chinese domain name starts from 3721, because of the habits of the people, the complex English domain name is not good memory, so the birth of the Chinese domain name, this is a good solution to this problem. Enterprises using Chinese domain name web site, will bring the most convenient access to nationals. Therefore, to remind enterprises, famous celebrities should pay attention to the protection of brands, early registration of their own Chinese domain names, so as not to be malicious registration and regret.

many people register the domain name, mainly depends on the domain name registration price, but this is easy to fall into the trap. Because service providers often will be the first year registration fee drop very low, attracted a large number of customers, but the price is too high to renew the domain name. Some people say that I’m not in this renewal is not so simple, if the transfer of the domain name, the cost is higher.

select domain name, not only depends on the price, but also a little important: domain name management authority (such as how many sub domain name, how many forwarding, can modify the DNS server), etc..

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