Good website construction details so that the site can leapfrog development

has become an essential part of today in the Internet, the Internet era, with the latest statistics, more than 82.5% registered enterprises have set up their own company website. Even small and medium-sized enterprises and micro enterprises are making various plans or have been put into practice for the construction of our website. However, the process of enterprise informatization is not smooth sailing. To illustrate and pointed out that many enterprises have set up their own websites and e-mail, but they did not feel the benefits of the Internet, most of the enterprises on the site did not conduct the daily maintenance and update, just opened a few pages, roughly released several products, including page design is also very crudely made, but the commodity does not change for a long time. In search engine search popularity has more than 90% today, these sites simply can’t through enterprise name retrieval, not to mention product or enterprise related keywords.

is to say, in the understanding of many companies, they also believe that the enterprise website not essential, there is no need to invest huge energy, never think that the enterprise website can bring profit, they may open enterprise website is to adapt to the situation on the surface! These ideas and practices not only can not play the effect of publicity and marketing, more sadly it will drive the products to potential customers, customers of these companies lose the trust, how can a own site can not be taken seriously the enterprises, their products and how good


cannot be retrieved in many sites, even through the direct input site also has many problems, such as web page design open very slowly, rough set, the column is unbearable, allowing users to purchase products completely lost.

oversight one: random choice of domain names

in the Internet era, the domain name is the name and brand of the enterprise, which is equivalent to the enterprise trademark on the internet. Such an important thing, in the eyes of many business operators, is entirely unworthy of the choice of the process, completely without choice. Examples of this are, first is the domain name and domain name subject selection, of course, we all know that the most reasonable domain name should be the name of this enterprise or product brand, if not what is the best use of relatively common and easy to remember domain name com. Two is the stability of the DNS domain name server is extremely important, have registered DNS domain name server is a large number of attacks resulting in unable to properly resolve the phenomenon every year, so the supplier qualification to conduct a detailed understanding of the selection, with a good reputation in the industry enterprise registration.

omission two: service host failed

server host instability is a lot of enterprises and grassroots webmaster hearts difficult to let go of the pain! This instability is not only!

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