The Webmaster how to realize network promotion by Dongfeng

beginners are impatient. Learning SEO is full of curiosity and puzzled, when slowly contact SEO deep, more and more feel SEO, in fact, there are many things to learn, not simply do a website can call it seo. SEO is the accumulation of time and experience. Just begin to contact SEO, I also like SEO and many beginners do not know, so I want to master all the knowledge in the hands of hungry Oh, but gradually I found that in fact I do not, because even if I was learning the theoretical knowledge of all, and not the actual operation of a website like empty talk. In the process of real SEO, many problems will be encountered, and practical problems should be solved.

thought that predecessors once told me that promotion is not difficult, want the chain is actually not difficult, wrote an article in the station yesterday, I called a day is how to let Baidu website article, which simply introduces my site after and included, this period of time, Baidu the adjustment of so many SEO and some rely on advertising websites (such as Google Union, Ali mother, Baidu alliance) as a grassroots webmaster depressed. I want to say, the simple method we might have used, as if my website, had not made a website, but the effect is not good, also take the implementation methods are not included as like as two peas Baidu. Even today, the past few months, Baidu is still not included, this also let many webmaster friends regardless of the new owners, the predecessors of the strange, but is, is the case, the same way, a new registered domain name is included. And on the first day it brought me close to 30 of ip.

when we still want to do a good job in the promotion of bitter meditation, Baidu from around the beginning of May changed algorithm, to today’s forum posting useless, Blog websites can not increase included, how to do, the novice webmaster. How to increase the chain, how to promote our website,

?There are several traditional methods of

: buy links, advertising, these are the need to flow to buy additional economic investment, different from the previous exchange connection, brush flow and so on, and the effect of income brought this method is remarkable, but you may pay more, how to let others help us promote jiedongfeng opportunely China? Network marketing is the use of the first person Mr. Liu Keya to the extreme, the lever principle and the achievements of his most incisive marketing era, and his advice can turn the tide, in marketing and marketing in just now, Mr. Liu Keya left us tightly is free? No, free the effect is endless and publicity. When a free stuff is delivered to your hands, you will want to get second or third, and this is a good thing? This is one of the dongfeng.

reflection, we need to learn is how to build a brand of their own, when your brand started, your promotion will be wireless, long here absolutely can create unlimited value. Set up one’s own

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