Several suggestions for selecting a virtual host

select a good virtual host, we need to pay attention to the following:

1, virtual hosting strength, now do virtual hosting businesses too much, sunny, before the purchase of dragons and fishes jumbled together, virtual host, to review their qualifications, is not a certification authority, there is no formal business license ICP. Although it can not be judged by this point alone, it can serve as a reference for the first pass.

2, virtual host speed, to test more. It is better to try your website at different locations, different time periods and different ways of connection, and see how fast the virtual host is. Don’t forget that practice is one of the means to test the truth.

3, in function, the user in the choice of the virtual host, must pay attention to choose their current use must function, such as enterprise post office, web services. Other functions are added when needed. Don’t pursue big and complete.

4, it is very important to focus on the product lines provided by the virtual host in the product line. The size of the virtual host provider to different industries, different areas of the user to provide a very detailed application solutions, such as giving some virtual host will increase the enterprise post office, some will pre shop, blog program and so on, we can according to their own situation to choose the virtual host.

5, in terms of services, is the most important of all choices. No one of the virtual host products do not appear a little problem, the key is a problem, the service can keep up with the general, those who have the ability, the strength of the virtual host enterprise will have such services. So this is also a reference. QQ:853540319

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