Through the establishment of overseas websites let us gather Four Seas Chinese

webmaster to overseas students, establish a website to promote the exchange of local Chinese and domestic friends in need to understand the local situation in their spare time, the establishment of the early Chinese website has many successful website, not only prosperity, and use the site to bring objective benefits.

aspiring youth, if you set up a local Chinese website, I would like to take the Poland Chinese information network as an example.

one, search local Chinese website

is the first to investigate the market, if the local had a Chinese website, see his website popularity and practicality, if only the shell, good! You have to do is to replace him. If the local site has innumerable, such as Germany, Italy and other countries, so to market segmentation, for example, do the website or the local Chinese students, avoiding the other advantage of the website, to open up new way to their own.

two, select space and domain name

people abroad, do not recommend the use of domestic space, I think the choice of Godaddy space is more appropriate, because the speed of access is relatively neutral, domestic access is very fast, and foreign access is also very fast. My website chose Godaddy space, domestic and international access speed is very good, very few problems appear. Domain name selection is best local, such as [Poland Chinese information network] in Poland, it is best to choose.PL domain name, so that it will be a good collection of local search engines. Of course, it is also best to choose a.Com domain name as the main domain name. In fact, the local purchase of space is not expensive, the service is 24 hours, but the only point is that there are traffic restrictions, early do stand indifferent, but after the site started increasing traffic will have an impact. IP must choose independent IP, don’t care about the money, the real problem too late to regret it! There is a problem, how to record overseas websites?! you can buy a small space in the domestic first, throw no pity that, when the record after the successful purchase of overseas space. So you can get the record number. No more fear of being stopped…

three, select the web site program

, if the webmaster technology is not strong, I recommend SS+DZ 7, or add a DIV+CSS home page, SS and DZ templates, in sufficient funds, you can find someone to make templates. DeDecms, mobile networks and so on, this is also a very good site procedures. These two procedures are fully enough for the station.

four, the usefulness of web content

website content is very important, very important is practical, webmaster to live in a better understanding of local conditions, to use their own language to write, let the people who do not know about the situation, it is practical. If you are just posting something that has been turned over millions of times, your client won’t be able to keep it. Local weather, public transportation, tourism, second-hand, trading, visa, study abroad, residence, immigration and so on are all practical information you can provide. < >

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