s the page open with the original window or opened with a new window for easier browsing

What is the

page using the new window open, or open the current page is quite good, I am afraid this is each one according to his lights, then Tianjin scaffolding rental shallow talk about their own views.

first look at the pros and cons of these two ways of opening:

new window opens:


1) users can browse multiple pages at the same time, very convenient, and if browsing similar pages, then users will compare themselves, is conducive to improving the conversion rate.

2) used to open the new window, before users generally do not immediately close the page, a new window and the old window will have traffic, enhance the PV value of the site, while reducing the bounce rate, which will improve the weight of our web site.


1) if a user has too many windows open, he must manually close a window and a window, which will lead to boredom and tiredness.

2) because most of our website is hanging in the virtual space, virtual space and the default limit IIS connection number, a web page to open the default occupies a number of IIS connections, unless the closure will be released, if the site all the new window open, then the user can open 10 a few, even 20, if not promptly closed, will cause the number of IIS connections reached the peak, then the browser will not be able to enter the site, causing the site temporarily paralyzed.

current window opens:


1) with only open a window, will greatly reduce the overhead of our web server, the website does not appear to open the case, unless the number of online too much, but if the flow is really so large, with virtual space is probably not appropriate, this time to use a VPS or direct hire server.

2) using a default window, the user will feel very refreshing, and occupy the user’s computer resources are less, nor will you click the close button to point to cramps.


1) the user can only browse a web page by default, unless the user right click open new window, but I believe the only regular Internet people know this operation (like press shift, click also opens a new window, both a meaning, even fewer than), the user may read a a, also want to see another, had to retreat, not convenient.

2) the user closes the web page after browsing an article, causing the entire website to jump out.

then, after comparing, we’ll see that it’s better to open up with a new window. No wonder most people like it. It doesn’t seem unreasonable. That’s what the user experience is.

, though, opens with a new window than >

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