Website application heart and do not fine not sincere can’t move

in February 12th, Lu Songsong publicly denied the blog comments, comments, promotion methods he had previously made on his blog, claiming that he was responsible for the spam flooding that resulted from this promotion.


in less than two years, released for potential users of the original blog contents on the basis of the submissions, blog visits, micro-blog promotion and other promotional methods through continuous updating the original unknown Lu Songsong became famous blog blog.

immediately, Lou loose blog promotion type method is more blog webmaster to copy, the owners hope that through a simple imitation of his blog success. So more irrigation blog reviews (phishing reviews) flood over independent blogs.

but in fact, a great variety of spam messages are not just a patent for blog reviews, but a common drawback of all kinds of domestic marketing methods. We forgot to "any kind of promotion will do have effect, any kind of promotion methods have disadvantages, if the situation will only become a promotion and promotion of the numb action can be done only by the effect of".

because as people do in life is to do, must be careful management website, continuously provide original content value for potential users, based on the appropriate website promotion, must also be honest, can we truly achieve the website promotion effect — this is the road to success for many successful has proved.


"Fisherman" said: "really, sincerely to, if you are not sincere, not moving."

of course, in today’s network "to endow with new words that worry about" irrigation, copy, moan meaningless contents in large area exists today, to really do "if you are not sincere, not touching" is not easy.

first of all, we must be "not refined, dishonest, and unable to move"". We must abandon the kind of casual fooled people can be successful ideas – the reason why we do website, website promotion, network marketing, because now all web services feel satisfied, that there is still much room for improvement, I hope that through our unremitting efforts, truly to provide quality services for potential users.

therefore, we must arouse our sense — I want to do a website is not the same with others on their own responsibility every day, I want to do is not the same with others SEOER, therefore not with "people such a large collection of content, Forum irrigation chain, blog, why can’t I" big flow.

only "if you are not sincere, after not move yourself, we can every day based on reality constantly strive to overcome laziness, overcome various difficulties; it may face their own shortcomings, and every day constantly learn the strengths of others, and constantly improve their professional.

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