By Baidu K it means that your station is half dead

is Baidu K, can restore??? Two weeks ago a small forum I was K, search a lot of posts, said Baidu human K station, it is difficult to put out, the group of people said, for the meters, I check my website now put this morning out, happy, write down the things to think, Baidu seal station is not artificial, is a program, put out the opportunity is not, after all my 15 days to put out.

my station, 08 years in August 1st, has been K once, traffic greatly reduced. After August 1st, changed the name, estimated to be K I can think of is the acquisition, because the forum posts are collected, and then put on the advertising, was K after more than 10 days I did not want to give up the tube, and sent an email to Baidu mail, so I write the: I am wrong, do stand, I accumulated a lot of key words: video tutorial, now clear, after do, will do a good station, a good man, the message is issued, just 3 days, ha ha, stand out, but the funny thing is, I stand there is no accumulation over the words, no more accumulation of video tutorials, what I did not delete the contents of the site, but the original default home page into a

station although it is included, but it is strange, I caught two maps at the bottom, with WWW, restored to last April’s content, without WWW restored to the nearest, but did not return to the previous number of.

is now K again. Maybe another domain name,


friends suggest:

find the website is the cause of the K, and then a little modification can wait! Normal optimization, generally less than a month’s time can be included. I want to change a domain name or hurry up! Do stand, don’t be K! K you

a lifetime of pain!

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