The happiness of the web site has to suffer from the web

tampered with the lines of a popular movie, and I said the happiness of the desired web site had to suffer from the web’s painful words. This two months, for me, it is my first the earth trembled and the mountains swayed; Baidu website drop right, Baidu keyword in the related rows in the first four or five years, gave him out to the first page, do not know why a lot of "out of order; but in front of me, I do not dare to say the website of Shenzhen the part-time network do the best, but if not, how the number of sites in Shenzhen part-time we can finish it now? All except Baidu search engine keyword first we still. Is a blog blog, Ali mother’s advertising page, 3721 of the ad page, there are some eight hundred years do not update the site is better than I stand


Baidu ignore these, you only accept this reality, in Baidu eleventh N days, traffic plummeted 2/3, at least a period of only more than 600 ip. Do ten years of standing, the heart that uncomfortable. Originally, nearly six or seven per day of traffic is Baidu, and now a genius more than 100. Corresponding emergency strategy opened, I implemented the following countermeasures:

1, in their more than 40 part-time QQ group daily 12 points reproduced part-time information that day, in order to guide the multi-point flow into the station.

2, open free publication authority (formerly this site is one of the few paid web sites for paid information).

3, the daily home page all new updates, content for nearly three days release.

4, Shenzhen forum, "Christmas, new year’s day, part-time promoters Recruitment" information release.

5, Shenzhen’s main clothing market, "Christmas New Year’s Day part-time promotion Recruitment" card issued.

6, targeted to Shenzhen units, personnel department issue subject mail.

corresponding effects are as follows:

1, published in the QQ group part-time information three or four days later, one night, QQ suddenly Tencent title, said someone sent spam messages. I would prefer to believe that it is Tencent program that I have repeatedly sent the same information as "junk advertisement" title, and I do not want to believe that part-time part-time information provided by my part-time group will be reported by dear net friend. In the event of such a man, he must be my enemy.

The lesson of the

policy: QQ do not send in the QQ group to fifteen or more or QQ the same information, by the title after extremely difficult to. It’s lucky to call a Tencent customer service phone and connect it once an hour.

2, open free publication authority, independent information began to increase. Complications include online fraud information such as a large number of online typists and an increase in editing time. In order to prevent search engines do not read, I put on each piece of information are added to the part-time two words.

‘s impact on Baidu hasn’t been seen yet, but Google traffic has started to increase.

3, the website is in addition to the netizen information everyday, oneself also >

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