Share two hours of building site earn thirty of the experienceWebsites can’t aim at human weakness

love like thyself. Do unto you. The two golden laws and precious rules of interpersonal relationship can be used in the practice of office network civilization. We want to ask the website operators and editors who are making money for human weakness: do you want your family, especially your parents, spouse and children, to go to this website? If you don’t want it, you shouldn’t do it on your own initiative.

recently, in order to beautify the image of the city, we have carried out a massive clean-up small advertising campaign. And some departments have also made special provisions, who found paste small advertisers, together with advertisers, accompanied by heavy penalties. This trick is really effective, the Ordinance introduced, streets and lanes can no longer see the dense advertising. At first, many people clapped their hands and thought their living conditions improved at last. But later people have found these ads on their own or very helpful, for example, some people in the toilet is blocked, but they did not repair; some people put the keys in the house, you need to unlock the professional personnel; and the need for liquefied gas, clean glass and so on. But after these tough problems, people can not quickly contact the domestic company, and for those who do domestic business, can not find customers is equivalent to lost his job.

in chat with many webmaster, I always hear some people complain about making money, can’t get the flow. Well, I suggest you take a look at my case and ideas, and the huge traffic doesn’t necessarily bring in great profits. My home station only a dozen IP a day, but the average value of a IP is a few dollars. Want to find on the network >

believes that everyone living in the city will see this scene: in all inhabited areas, the corridor is full of small advertisements related to housekeeping. These cities "psoriasis" repeatedly banned, let a person is very headache. Why is it so annoying things every time will be cleared as springing out of it, I think the main reason is because the residents need these advertising service.

some people use the weakness of human nature to make money, not terrible, terrible is that many people regard it as ordinary. In fact, some of the most famous commercial websites also attract hits with funny pictures. Some people in the industry are not shy about it. Some fairly formal websites also hide something yellow in some small corners, interacting with some web users, not to mention illegal "naked chat" websites. Civilized networks must wage war on these phenomena.

business activities do aim at human weakness, making money easier, which is contrary to the sense of social responsibility of the business. The present commercial website problems, including pornography, violence, profanity, exposure of privacy, is a common feature is the use of human weakness, to attract people to click on the Internet can’t help, increase the click rate, in order to achieve business objectives.

there is demand, there is market, there is money on the market. Therefore, when advertisers and customers communication bridge was truncated, the webmaster will have a place to play.

civilization network voice and action, urges us to consider the relationship between network and human nature: the network as a tool for human beings, in the operation and use of the process, not only can the human nature light amplification, bring more light and power, can the dark human natureThe enlarged

, some web operators say they are meeting the weaknesses of human nature rather than using human weakness, a lie that cannot stand up to scrutiny. In the relationship between the web site and the Internet users, the website is in a strong position, dissemination of information, but also output values. The number of pornographic websites on the Internet is incredible, and the presence of these sites has instilled a misconception among people, especially teenagers, that these websites are reasonable. Therefore, we must make it clear that the website as a media, in fact, is part of social education and must bear social responsibility.

since the two are required to communicate with each other, why don’t I come and build one? Say, do it, so I’ve built a very simple website in two hours. The home page is all reserved ads, while creating a subdirectory and installing blog programs to optimize keywords. Because I just focus on the theme of the small city, coupled with a number of high weight web site to do the chain, the results only a day, sh419 will be included, side by side to the first. Then, there are domestic companies call, want to work with me.

what is the weakness and the dark side of human nature? Is the reason and conscience are physical impulses overcome the performance: such as greed, lust, evil, filth, jealousy, hatred, endless deceit, treachery, arrogance and lack of pity. This leads to negativity, weakness, and even crime, contrary to the good qualities human beings advocate, such as benevolence, joy, peace, patience, kindness, kindness, confidence, gentleness, temperance, etc..

surface brings more gloom and confusion. Therefore, we must unequivocally propose: "the website can not aim at the weakness of human nature and the dark side to make money.".

and most sites rely on rental advertising to make money different, my approach is free to help them hang advertising, only the company received the business and received money, I just withdraw the appropriate commission. This approach is very popular, although there is a single Commission of only a few dollars, but I am very happy. Because this two hours built up almost no need for me to maintain the site, is a completely sleeping machine can make money. I used to write a lot of websites to make money on my website, but many projects need a certain amount of time to accumulate to see the effect. And this station only in less than a week, began to automatically obtain stable income, that kind of feeling is really cool.

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