The website is a shortcut to make money see if you can answer these four questionsNetwork marketing

Two website?

Xu Gang Maple stick, is speculation? Is it pr?

competitive advantage in the industry? What are the success factors of the industry leader in the industry? What is the development direction of your website? Can you name your website features, and other industries in the same site comparison? Are you going to make what kind of content, to continue to function to meet the needs of users of your site

4, ask yourself if there is a clear profit model,

2, ask yourself if you know the status quo, competition and development of the industry,


horizon, this network has always been mop camp hot events do not have the overlapping place, some time ago, Tianya has had such a hot, it is the Shanghai Maple Automobile Mister Xu Gang and a net friend to debate. The event comes from the name of ID is "99 All people belong to one family." netizen, the Maple Automobile in business models and questioned the market strategy, open at the end of the world economic forum, the post is called "a letter to the" Shanghai Maple Automobile President Xu Gang, the impassioned, wantonly exiled to maple. As soon as the post has been published, it has caused no immediate repercussions on the Tianya Economic Forum, and the number of clicks has gone up all the way. A week later, Xu Gang with "Maple Maple Automobile Mister Xu Gang" a solemn post entitled "to respond to the" reply "All people belong to one family. 99 users, two post one after the first one at the end of the world hot for a fortnight, after the main version of Tianya recommended, especially in world headlines, a time to attract a lot of people’s attention.

no one industry is not competitive, non competitive industry is certainly not profitable, so do the site at the same time we must understand the status of the industry, called

but each "view of the era of network celebrity, its success rate is much higher than any of the traditional media promotion, from Mu Zimei to February, sesson lotus, super girl, even with vigour and vitality movement, has great value of hot forming are on the network in a short time, hot direct benefits, sesson red Mu Zimei, famous, in February the girl started to guest, super crazy commercial network has become the new commercial carrier, time plays the role of booster market. The network has become the largest and most widely covered by differentiation, market segments, a web site can often gather in specific populations has the most dominant habits, the number of these groups with the quick popularization of the network is the number of geometric growth, for the commercial era, it will be an unprecedented, subversive super market. In this market, hot events can converge the human eye will become the biggest winner of the network market, how to use this kind of event or the use of public relations planning means to manufacture hot events like this, will be the future direction of the era of network marketing.


, to fight! ?What is your site How much is your site

your site after a long-term development, what is to transfer the website concept? What is the development plan of three years, five years, ten years? What is nearly a month, a week, a day of execution plan? To achieve what kind of effect? What would be used for short-term and long-term promotion the way to

on the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog. This sentence on the primary network era, still has some truth, but after the rapid evolution of the network, if the network as the main propulsion of the era of popular entertainment, this is on the network to. In the traditional media to explore almost exhausted, the traditional marketing mode is too old-fashioned to the verge of the network will be in vain, subversive faces, and with all kinds of network hot events has repeatedly, the network will also rise from primary entertainment platform for a more rich media platform and business value platform.

3, ask yourself whether there is a clear development plan, philosophy,

in each stage of development within the budget will be? Your site is expected to bring the first income soon for you? Your website is how to plan for investment in technology and the promotion of investment proportion of funds? The full realization of site planning and the idea of you, how long does it take and how much after the money? If you can articulate to a certain stage, make money by what kind of profit model of

?What is your site

1, ask yourself if you know what your site needs,

in groups? Entertainment users, stimulate the pursuit of college students, white-collar workers and investors? Their common features and common interest is what? This user group how much the market, whether the sustainable development? Your website content is not users need now is not content? Gradually guide users to accept the contents of the

only determine their own needs of the site, can be an antidote against the disease even if your own web site, is to do what people do not know, what about the money? Only to determine the site needs to make web content of real value, so as to bring value to the site.


a hour, a successful web site must be effective long-term planning and ideas, after the implementation of the planning process is continuous and the idea and improvement process. This includes your site planning concept, promotion, communication, planning concepts, and so on.


does the website can make money in the end? Many stationmaster oneself are in the bottom of the heart. Do not like, simply work hard like a donkey, a lot of time to lift up your head, ask yourself the following four questions, you can answer

regardless of the content of the post, but to see the thing itself, Shanghai Maple through this event can be said quite a lot of income. 99 of the original created All people belong to one family. forty thousand hits on the horizon, maple Xu Gang >


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