At the age of 400 at the end of the telecommunications industry promotion war call price of breaking

      according to Dong Guojie said that the 400 phone can effectively enhance the corporate brand, many enterprises at home and abroad customer center of choice, in the 4008 "open telephone number or gifts, after calls 40 percent off preferential lifelong enjoyment" advertise, through network consultation hotline continuously, now has been successful for a car, finance, logistics, private hospitals and other different industries opened nearly one hundred number.

      for the consumer market, price reduction is always a magic weapon. In addition to consumers can enjoy the real benefits, the price is also an important guarantee for businesses to expand sales. Unlike in previous years, this year, the impact of the financial crisis, many foreign manufacturers have been using markdowns to seize the Chinese market, and telecom operators after restructuring, in order to compensate for the loss of users, promotions unprecedented. Fixed line business is relatively quiet compared to the noisy mobile telecoms business.

Wangzhuan will not tell anyone the secret of his success, my friend is no exception. However, some people use his thick skinned spirit, but really make a lot of money.

 : the Western Christmas has just passed, with the festival’s happiness and surprise, "waste heat", we will usher in the new year’s Day holiday, a new round of carnival is bound to form a market heat wave. And this year’s new year’s Day sales promotion of the fierce, wide range of industry, it is rare.

do Wangzhuan, this is not only reflected in the interaction with others, is also reflected in the SEO. As we all know, SEO is a very hard work, and success depends on whether the webmaster can persist in the end. Many friends persist for some time, but inexplicably by search engine K station, so disheartened, and gave up. In fact, at this time, we need a kind of thick skinned spirit, search engine more!

folk has a saying: "thin skinned, unable to eat, skinned enough to eat enough.". This sentence is not only difficult to try in real life, but also applies to the internet. No matter what, as long as you know the right cheek, start to feel more like wangzhuan.

Master There are a lot of characters on the

network, and their heads are bursting with very clever ideas. One of my friends is the character. Software download advertising has been a headache for many webmasters, because now the virus Trojan rampant, users see the download software will be conditioned to reflect the distance. However, my friend’s thinking is very active, and you can promote the advertising alliance products without relying on the website. But the problem is that many high priced alliances need to register the user’s website, and some conditions are still very harsh. Looking at the big piece of fat can not eat, friends anxious, so every day on the wrapped around the customer service to code. For such an unknown person of his, customer service is certainly too lazy to answer, and some simply pull him black. But he doesn’t care about other people’s sarcastic remarks, change a , and then brazen request through. Finally, customer service can not help but have to restrict the attention to help him open. He made a big profit when he got the code.

make Wangzhuan and the reality of doing business the same, a lot of Wangzhuan mode is nothing more than to find advertising products, and the promotion of products to the users, so as to obtain the corresponding reward. On the Internet, more violent products are still inseparable from the physical. Many of China’s major online shopping malls have launched CPS class advertising, some products even if only sell one every day, you can earn a lot of commission. I know a webmaster in the early product advertising, but in his promotion, not entirely rely on the site, but direct to the customer. It is said that he once in a mother forum collected a mother’s approval of , a set of strategies so carefully propaganda strategy, daily work is in the and these mothers chat relationships, and then took the opportunity to promote products. It is not difficult to imagine, such promotion is bound by the customer reviled, but he does not care for second days, still the cheek and then link drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, products in the past. This lasted for a month, has successfully promoted nearly twenty products, and each product commission as many as several hundred dollars.

It was necessary to learn a cheeky

      today, I visited the major electronics stores, Home Furnishing stores, new world shopping mall, shopping malls and other places of Xidan, Wangfujing, all the way down, do not discount anything, even a way to sing up McDonald’s, KF
C also slashed prices. The vision to relax some, telecom operators also did not miss this holiday opportunity, hanging promotional banner. China Telecom 189 day wing winter series promotions, China Mobile domestic roaming concessions program big promotion, Beijing Unicom prepaid user recharge send double charge promotional activities.

      "fixed telecommunications business is not so smooth, but in the Riptide" network CEO Dong Guojie gave away the mystery market. Take 400 telephone as an example, 400 telephones have 4008 of telecommunication, 4007 of CTT, and 4006 of netcom. Survey results show that telecom 4008 because of its strong stability and wide coverage, according to the top of the list, the market coverage rate of more than 99%. China Telecom 4008 business hotline, the North level agent, through Netcom has attracted much attention. At the turn of the year, in the network launched the "open the gifts, calls 40 percent off preferential lifelong enjoy" promotion plan, it is reported that this promotion date to January 25, 2009

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