Some revelations from shlf1314’s advertising agenciesA missed bonus period content low to burst the

has caught the law. "Explosion money" is a

in the power and resources, Shanghai, Guangdong rushed off times to win Zibolan, Beijing, Beijing public goods interaction, Hangzhou Netcom interconnection, Suzhou world and Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Hebei Yisainuo Pangu is commerce, Ji’nan, Changzhou, in the online search Yangzhou Ding Jie, Jinhua Century Internet, Wuhan dragon, Shanghai Guosheng, Tianqing Nanjing, Xi’an, China net win Wenzhou Chinese rich investment, science and technology, Chongqing Jia Zhi Guangdong, Tianjin, Qingdao Teamtop Internet online love search, Xiamen billion capital and Ningbo tiger wing.

that can be copied indefinitely

more than 26 agents we did not pay attention to, the top 2 is not add address! The 2 NB agents in the. Do the national market. The remaining 24 are in scope of business.

how did this happen? We found the masked cat operator "MOE cat" – a nickname given by fans, and also a homonym for the public name.

"masked cat" is a popular two dimension class account, from the dragon ball, One Piece, Naruto and other classic anime, to the latest national day, diffuse, subject covering all kinds of animation.

I said this key shlf1314

Abstract: for them, content management is like helping users change wives". "In the two dimension of the world, people will call their favorite anime characters" wife ", so once caught good, it will be written into tweets. As Luo Zhenyu says, "what the user wants, you give it."."

also said," it’s also tried to run on other platforms, but other platforms are too closed, easy >

"now, even on holidays, we still have a high probability of exploding money."."

agents are regional agents, doing their own market. Are minor. Because shlf1314 in the life to the agent is the agent for 1 years, you are more cattle company, and you are 1 years 1 years signed. See you in this area do 1 years after 1 years, and whether illegal sales practices such as: grab the other agents customers to reach a deal.

" In

said that the cat didn’t catch the masked is called content business dividend period, because until 2016 November, the masked cat began to register and in the public aspect, so far only operation for half a year, but this is just a half a year, the masked cat from scratch, to now become the one of the few head account a handful of the two dimension in the aspect category.

"just started focusing on two dimensional content, the first two months, every week fans doubled, and now into the stable period, each month’s growth rate is still very impressive."." Go up with the number of fans, Mongolia cat summed up a rule: the growth peak period appears at the high holidays.

Spring Festival in 2017, the masked cat first tasted the fans rise feeling, which makes Mongolia cat very excited also saw hope, "is a combination of the hot spring festival, also benefited from the holidays many accounts have stopped more, and we also during the Spring Festival in the update, because users have more time to read the information during the holiday." Meng cat said, he readily shared several million plus explosive money:


advertising is often said that the advertising, advertising or AD. I work in shlf1314 advertising company, here is the exclusive information to all newspaper material, is absolutely exclusive.

understand shlf1314 know, do shlf1314 AdWords advertising in 2 ways, the first is to find shlf1314’s regular agents, second of their online open card.

indeed, it’s not difficult for the Mongolian cat to have a burst now.

in addition to seize the user’s mind, the production of quality content, platform is also a key factor.

if the company is doing to profitability, the company did not hot words, understand shlf1314’s background, suggests looking for agents, more fee is for your company to bring a lot of.

"is called" the masked cat "is mainly because we all love cats, the cat is a shy animal, newborn kittens or pregnant cats are not willing to be human see, make people feel a sense of mystery veil covered."


if you are a person, is not very popular keywords that you do open online.

COS Luhan popular Japanese cartoon character," "these comments fried cartoon characters refer to the college entrance examination, Tsinghua University that is not a thing"…… Fun, inventory, hot spots, Cosplay, entertainment stars…… Some of these elements are sure to fire, and obviously, the Mongolian cats are familiar with the law of explosion creation.

, in resources, shlf1314 is also the first 05 Chinese agents. indeed, shlf1314 to 2 companies are a little afraid of, the 2 companies in the shlf1314 ads customer resources accounted for a lot, that shlf1314 paid a lot of money every year, so shlf1314 is on them. The 2 companies if the agent continues, shlf1314 will shlf1314 AdWords the loss in many. Of course, shlf1314 into the Chinese or oneself looking for the 2 companies. Now if the company is going to do is to look at the shlf1314 agent, you have the ability, ability depends on which zone you are now the agent of shlf1314 is not so simple.

AdWords advertising agency:

The remaining 24

more than twenty-six authorized agents is shlf1314 formal certification authority, a company should pay attention to the shlf1314 advertising agency this does not exist a level two class agent. shlf1314 is not allowed more than 26 agencies in the development of lower level agents. Check will be fined, and recover to the agent right.

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